We Actually Do Know You

We Actually Do Know You

May 20, 2016, 8:25:51 PM Tech and Science

Alright, everyone has been in a social media tussle, even if it didn’t escalate to a full fledge fight. Someone says something --someone else doesn’t agree—someone responds—someone gets annoyed—someone gets insulted—the conversation ends abruptly, with or without an artificial “good chat”. Then comes the status update—if you’re smart, you don’t post immediately, after all you must be able to pretend the status has “nothing to do with them”.  You start typing your stat, “blah blah blah…. Folks think they know you, from social media…”. Now, there is nothing wrong with this irritated assertion, we’ve all been there—myself included. But is it 100% accurate? Do your followers really know nothing about you? Of course, they don’t know your social security number, deepest fears, personal struggles, and secrets; but that doesn’t mean they know nothing. So let’s break it down right quick. Just how much do your social media followers know about you? Here are the top 5!


1.       Your Moral Compass

It is easy to deduce what you think is right, and what you think is wrong-- if you’re active on social media. If your religion is important to you, we know. The issues you speak out against and the ones you don’t—says a lot. Even what you think is appropriate, is easily gaged from what you share, like, and comment on.  

2.       Important People in Your Life

I once was recognized in Starbucks by one of my husband’s college friends—a woman I never met. The first thing she said was, “I know you!”. I went to an all class reunion picnic last summer, and lost track of the hubs and the kids! As I wandered around the parking lot--one of my old classmates-- who had never been introduced to him or the kids, arrived.  She noticed my frustration and said, “I saw your husband and your kids go that way”. Our social media friends know who our spouses, children, mothers, fathers, cousins, and friends are. That’s actually a lot on intel.

3.       Your Profession

Even if you do not keep your About Me section updated, you have undoubtedly mentioned it in a stat, or took a work place selfie which solicited the question, Where you work? And you replied. We even know your contentment level with said job, and often times—what your dream job is.

4.       Places You Go/ Your Interest

Whether you take pictures at the club or the zoo or both. Whether you run marathons or frequent the local buffets-- your outings and activities are known. From this info, an individual will often decide whether or not to extend an invitation to you, when they create a Facebook event.

5.       Your Personal Style

We definitely know how revealing or modest you dress--how heavy or lightly you apply makeup — or if you have an affinity for shoes or handbags. If you can afford to keep your hands, feet, and hair done—like black ensembles—or love to be flashy, it’s all public knowledge.


Moral of the story, people actually do have a decent idea of who you are from social media—in fact, that’s kinda the point.  


Published by Kamesha Hayes

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