The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean

Sep 25, 2016, 10:37:56 PM Creative



At the break of dawn

As I end my yawn,

I look to the lawns

At the flowers and fawn!



The golden rays

They dance and play,

What a perfect way

To begin my day!



At the table round

My cup I found,

I looked around

Heard the coffee sound!



The coffee bean

With a dash of caffeine,

She sat like a queen

And danced like a teen!



My cup I held

And the coffee smelt,

In heaven I felt

Pure leisure it spelt!



The cup on my lips

I gulped a sip,

Such a blissful dip

What a pleasure trip!




No better way

Be it Feb or May,

Than the coffee sway

To begin your day!



Whether hot or cold

My mood you mold,

My attention you hold

More than silver or gold!



Easy or rough

Times may be tough,

Can’t thank you enough

For you change my huff!



Refreshing is your sheen

You brighten my scene,

Your charm never weans

Thanks coffee bean!



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