The complete guide to remote onboarding for new-hires

The complete guide to remote onboarding for new-hires

Jan 11, 2022, 11:56:00 AM Business

Since the global pandemic, working from home has become the norm. To date, most companies have figured out how to cope with this change by introducing new systems or workflows. However, major challenges remain. For example, the integration of new remote employees. How can you ensure that all information is received correctly, while still making them feel like part of the team? This guide explains exactly how to make the process easier, and you can download a helpful checklist for free!

Remote Onboarding vs. offline Induction

The difference between remote onboarding and office induction is as clear as day. Often, there are countless subconscious factors that help a new employee understand the nature of the business is. It just happens to be an offline presence they can observe how other team members work. 

Remote onboarding also affects the rate at which new employees integrate with their new workspaces to return to every day, know more about their dependencies. 

In contrast, welcoming them on-site also makes it easier to gauge the extent to which they take ownership of the company. So many clues and clues are lost when a person's ability to read body language and nonverbal communication is limited. 

To overcome these obstacles, a structured process must be developed for remote referral of team members. In the next few paragraphs, we will provide some recommendations.

Create a digital onboarding Kit

Create a comprehensive online onboarding kit that best suits your organization’s workflow and business. This process may look completely different depending on the size and complexity of your organization. 

For SMEs, simply create an onboarding file with pointers on corporate culture, using tools and systems, procedures to follow, where to find passwords, company policy, and more. 

Add links to important documents, records, and instructions, this way it will act as a comprehensive handbook that employees can refer to during the onboarding process. 

After each chapter, a video call can be scheduled with the manager/team member on the topic to dig deeper into the topic, their role, dependency, and KPIs. 

Big business needs to think bigger. Some companies have dedicated websites where they host their referral program. Along with documentation, they often include video tutorials and a chat feature with designated referring “friends.”

Digitalize all HR paperwork

These days, there's no reason to print and scan anything anymore. It takes a lot of unnecessary time and effort, even with your new employee on the job site. With signature tools like DocuSign, you can digitally send and sign documents. 

There are a number of HR and payroll management tools available in the market that can help you digitize and organize things while protecting confidential employee information.

Arrange hardware and IT support ahead of time

This can be a challenge for last-minute hires, but if you can, be sure to promptly order supplies for remote employees. 

Sending them their computer well before the first business day gives them a chance to have everything set up correctly. 

Once they confirm that they received it, you can schedule a meeting with your IT department to help them get started.

Send a welcome gift

Sending them a welcome gift is a great way to make new remote employees feel part of the team. 

To see what they might like, remember the fun, informal questions you asked in your interview to get to know them. For example, you can send them a gift card for their favorite restaurant or store. Company merchandise is also a great idea! Branded sweaters are very popular. The same is true of other practical items they can use while working from home. Think of a coffee mug, mouse pad, or laptop sleeve.

Set up a series of regular check-in meetings

Your remote integration plan should include regular meetings. Sometimes a long evaluation, no more brief checks between tasks or after training sessions. 

Either way, make sure you have a schedule for these times and communicate it to your new hire. 

Know when the opportunity to ask the next question will be favorable to them so that they can prepare accordingly.

Re-create coffee talks to zoom calls

Working from home has proven how fruitful those conversations by the coffee machine can be. Sometimes the best ideas come up during casual talks between team members and cross-department employees. 

When you`re completely invested in a project, a fresh perspective from other colleagues can be so inspiring. As mentioned earlier, you always have an idea of what other departments are working on just by being present. Working from home, you usually only connect with your own team. 

In addition, many teams have noticed how much the collective “team spirit” has decreased when they start working remotely. Worse yet, imagine employees joining or leaving a company when you barely notice them. Strange isn't it? 

For all of these reasons, it is important to find a way to recreate these discussions about coffee machines. For example, create a schedule for employees with 30-minute makeover meetings with randomly selected team members. 

Slack has an integration called Donut that does just that. You can also create multiple channels in the chat function with topics of interest such as movies, food, and pets. This gives teams a place to casually chat and get to know each other.


When proposed with hindrances, we must be flexible and innovative. These qualities, aided by modern technology, can help your company adapt to the new normal. 

This definitely goes for conducting the onboarding process remotely too, which should never be underestimated anyway. The effects of a poor onboarding experience can do a lot of potential damage. 

Thoroughly planning out the process, making extra effort to make newbies feel welcome, and giving them opportunities to connect with the team can make all the difference. On top of that, automating and digitizing everything can make everything simple and straightforward.

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