Beluga Caviar : Food Review

Beluga Caviar : Food Review

Dec 17, 2018, 11:51:01 PM Life and Styles

One of the most admired fish caviar in the world of food specialists is that of Beluga Sturgeon Caviar the preeminent sources of black caviar. The point tobe noticed about it is that it has been treated by Caspian Salt Masters. Beluga hybrid sturgeon caviar consists of a lightly buttery note than that of the traditional Beluga caviar also it possesses the earthy and nutty tones of Siberian sturgeon.

How could we forget its trademark characteristics that include its great creamy flavor and pearly grains of large size? With a smooth, butter like consistency.

The heavenly sturgeon pearls colors ranges from the light grey to black shade. Beluga caviar hybrid is being imported to the USA according to US Custom declaration for importing of Fish or Wildlife and withCites permission.


Flavor: extensively mild, butter like flavor, full unique flavored after tasting

Size: having large pearly grains

Color: color of grains is light-grey

Serving amount: 2 to 4 servings

Manufactured: made in Italy

Packaging: having Glass jar 2 oz. weighing 56g

Preparation: Fresh and salt cured

Caviar Fish and Grade: Beluga Sturgeon Hybrid Caviar [HusoHuso(x) x AcipRuthenus(y)]

Shelf Life Refrigerated:Product pasteurized for 12 months.

Storage: keep in Refrigerator at 38F or below temperature.


Flavor: The decision of liking and disliking for everything we eat is done after tasting it so in case of the Beluga Caviar the taste is just amazing and unique that is liked by most of the people after tasting. Once you taste it then could never forget the experience.  It has an extensively mild and butter like flavor.

Indulgent:It is defined as the salty one and the non-fertilized fish eggs that are gathered from the paddlefish or sturgeon also the black caviars are most highly regarded by culinary enthusiasts over the world. The black caviar could be gathered from many sources but the most frequently used source for gathering the black caviar is that of the Beluga Sturgeon.

Characteristics of trademark: Beluga Sturgeon black caviar is highly famous and given value for having its large pearls and rich creamy flavor which is most frequently compared with the consistency of butter. The color that Beluga Sturgeon pearls contain can range from light grey to black. However variation in its color does not affect the amazing taste it contains which is heavenly.

Pairing of taste: Along with the rich creamy taste and fresh sea smell that it contain. There is no better experience of taste than enjoying the plate of black caviar with a chilled glass of vodka or Champagne in hand. This combination or pairing of taste is something like never forgettable.

OLMA Foods: For about 15 years OLMA has been passionately seen to be committed with the responsibilityof bringing the finest caviar and seafood to market which indeed is a worth appreciation. The award winning caviar is being produced by using many of the traditional Russian techniques that meets of the United States’ stringent standards and regulations. One of the major producers of fine caviar is that of OLMA, it also gathers the meat, fish and other gourmet foods since 2001. OLMA imports almost a dozens of varieties of the best black and red caviar from Italy, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and USA.

One-night Shipping:  All the placed orders are being properly packed fresh and shipped to the desired place of the customer just in a single night to ensure you receive the freshest Beluga Sturgeon black caviar possible.


  • The taste of the meal is just amazing and worth experiencing.
  • The color of grain is light grey which gives a pleasant vibe to eyes.
  • The taste of this great meal could be paired and more enjoyable by having a glass of Vodka or wine.
  • It has a rich creamy flavor that has an effect like butter.
  • It could be shipped to different countries.


  • The rich creamy flavor may not be liked by some of the people.



In the above article a lot has been discussed about the Beluga Caviar which includes the description of the concerned product and also mentioned some of the great features that definitely would compel you try the taste of this mazing product. What are you waiting for?

Just order it and enjoy and unforgettable experience of taste.

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