Can animals be used in sports? A brief guide

Can animals be used in sports? A brief guide

Nov 3, 2018, 9:31:36 PM Sport

Well, it depends on your guts to handle the animal you want to use in sports. Yes, animals can be used in sports, provided they are your pets.  Any other animal other than your pet will not listen to your commands.  It is an only pet that obeys your commands.  In many countries, it is a custom to conduct sports which involve animal participation. Some of the popular animal sports are as follows:


  • Bullfighting - It is fought between the man and the bull.  Normally, the owner of the bull does not participate in this.  A person other than the owner should be able to beat the bull in the fight and control it.  That is the concept of the game.


  • Cockfighting - The term pet can be fully experienced here.  Even though the owner of the cock does not have good food to eat, he concentrates on feeding his pet, i.e., the cock as he will be allowing the cock to participate in the cockfight.  In this sport, two cocks from different rivalries participate, and the cock is trained in such a way that it kills the rival cock.  This game is very famous, and people take a prestigious issue.


  • Animals used in a circus - Circus is entertainment provided by some people who play various games to entertain their guest.  In this apart from human being even animals like lion, elephants, rabbit, monkeys, horses, etc., are used.  These animals are trained in such a way that they entertain the guests with their acts.  Here the animals just entertain not act of killing takes place.


  • Horse racing - It is a famous game popular in almost all over the world. Horses of different breeds are raised as well as trained to run in the horse race.  This horse race is a good source of income for anyone or everyone who is participating in this game.  To get good live coverage of horse races happening all over the world, visit TVG.


  • Shows - Some people conduct some shows by making pets dance according to their command.  Some of the pets used for this act are monkeys, bears, etc.  Sometimes even dog shows are conducted where the pets are trained in such a way; they entertain the guests.


Some organizations concerned with the animal welfare have objected to these sorts of sports as directly, or indirectly the animal participating is hurt, and if this goes on like this, there is a chance of the species coming to an end.  Sports can be enjoyed as entertainment to some extent.  Winning or losing are two aspects any sport but when it involves an animal some special care has to be taken because these animals cannot speak to express their pain.  The medical fitness of the pet counts, so ensure that the pet is medically fit before participating in a sport.  The performance of a pet depends totally on its age, fitness, and training given to it.

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