Guidelines to Improving Your Video through Music

Guidelines to Improving Your Video through Music

Sep 7, 2018, 8:53:39 PM Entertainment

When it comes to editing your video,it might seem appealing to simply source a generic track from a royalty free library given that there’s already enough to worry about with editing the footage. While you could certainly go that route, you’d be doing your project a disservice.

For those using Final Cut Pro as their video editing software of choice, you can try creating fully tailored Final Cut Pro audio tracks thanks to the incredible new plug-in from FCP Audio. They have created a diverse library of different compositions - and you can even construct tracks bit by bit using the individual instruments themselves. It’s a brilliant way of ensuring the music fits beautifully with every element of your project and never sounds generic. Whatever tools you are using, here are some guidelines you can use to help improve your video through music.

Adhering to a theme

Most people have a specific theme in mind when they edit a video. It determines what goes where, and it also helps you choose the tracks that you want to put in your video as well. It’s important to take note of the fact that music is just as important when it comes to determining the theme as the rest of the video. The wrong track could very well derail the idea that your video is trying to represent. Give the decision of music on your video as much time as you need to either find the perfect accompanying track or perhaps even compose your own.

Subtlety is about working smart, not hard

While you might be thinking about crafting your composition, it doesn’t have to be an arduous process. You can make a significant impact with minimal effort through the use of subtle touches. For example, the music plugin for Final Cut Pro mentioned previously allows you to make use of individual instruments when choosing your tracks. It also allows you to treat the music the way you would control the effects function on your video. It simultaneously makes things much easier for you while at the same time improves the quality of your video by using subtlety.

The video is your means of storytelling

Editing a video is the same as crafting a story. You're telling a story to your audience, and you want to convey feelings through the message you're providing. Music plays a substantial part in this, allowing you to drive the point home. What do you want your audience to feel? How do you want them to watch your video? Think about it in their shoes, and it will help you decide what kind of music you want.

To conclude, there is so much that music can do to benefit a video that you would lose out on a great deal of potential by going for something generic. Remember these guidelines when choosing the right kind of music for your project, and you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to accompany your video.









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