How can Instagram be a major part of your social media marketing?

How can Instagram be a major part of your social media marketing?

Oct 23, 2018, 12:01:46 AM Business


Social media marketing gets a new dimension with Instagram marketing. Who said you could post only photographs and images on Instagram. Technically it is true that you can post videos and image files and slideshows only on the social media site. But this still does not restrict you to post some textual promotions on the site. In fact, Instagram can be used marvelously to spread messages in an artistic way.

Textual promotion is possible through images

Did you ever give it a thought that you can still promote content here through images? Well, you just have to write it up in attractive color settings and font and convert the piece of info into an image file, and post the same on Instagram. Posts that contain text messages are read on the social site. However, the text will be in image form, and therefore not contribute to SEO in any way. By the way, Instagram directly does not promote SEO too, and hence whether you write something on the post or below it under details, it will not be directly impacting SEO. Then why you are taking the pain to post? Obviously, because you would be getting the attention the other way around. You will be getting the traffic directly from this social media site. And it’s not just traffic. With careful planning, you can get many more.

You can show off your website on Instagram by taking snapshots of the site in parts and fragments and simple arranging them in grid style. You may also take whole screenshots of pages and post them. You can post offers, rebates, discounts, bulk discounts and many more through text-based images on Instagram. And with every such post, you must instruct users to connect to your website to get an offer.

How to make users click on your website link?

You can do simple things to make it happen. You can post the message to click on your website link at the bio section of your Instagram profile, and this must reach your Instagram viewers and followers through text base images only. If you share a message of an offer or discount on a service or product on the image and tell people to avail the offer by visiting your site, then surely you will get many clicks if the image and offer are really that good.

Generating email list from Instagram

You can, in fact, use the same procedure as described above to create a list of email subscribers or just a list from Instagram. Lead generation is not a problem if you use the right image to send people to your bio section and make them click on your website link. Setting up simple forms to get email subscribers, and directing viewers to those forms through the IG profile bio link is possible when the images are attractive enough to send a message to the viewer.

Make people read your blog through Instagram posts

A text blog containing stories, facts, promotions, product info or any such thing can be a long piece of reading, which will need devoted readers too. You may still make people read it by posting the blog pages on Instagram as image posts. For this, you will have to take very nice screenshots of the blog pages, edit them well, and then post those images on your IG account. This way, the blog posts will become readable on Instagram. If you are lucky, you will get some good traffic from many such IG users, who in the long run can become your readers too.

You can post videos on Instagram

You can post images and videos on Instagram. Video clips which are short and are within 1 minute can be posted on Instagram. You may actually make small animated videos and slideshows and post them. Small videos often evoke interest among users for the detailed big picture. You may even divert some of the Instagram videos viewers to your YouTube channel where you have longer videos.

Gallery site

Instagram itself can be a good replacement for a portfolio or gallery site, which many artists, fashion designers, other designers, photographers, etc. maintain to show off their work and creations. Grid style styles, and Pinterest type social sites were once in use for such presentations. But gradually, Instagram took over for being so fluid, and the interface is such attractive.

Cross-platform sharing

You can share Instagram images on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Tumbler, and such popular sites, and create a parallel mark with your activity everywhere. This is a great feature of Instagram which helps you stay active and post everywhere at the same time. And you can post images from this site to multimedia sharing sites.

Using the analyze tool

In Instagram, you get an analyze feature. Using this feature, you can analyze which posts are most viewed, which hashtags brought the posts the maximum views, the types of users who viewed it the most. The time of the day when posts were viewed the most, and many such data. All these data are much important in deciding your next posting criteria, design, style, hashtag usage and so on.

The more you concentrate on visual sharing of content, the better for targeting your audience. You may find out what your competitors are posting and see their work too. You may also find online influencers on Instagram to talk about your posts, brand, business, website, etc. This way, you can get likes on Instagram, get more followers, shares, and comments.


Posting on Instagram needs just this much attention from you, that you post attractive images containing important pictures or text messages, and then you tag them the right way to get them the best, apt, and maximum exposure. Posting on Instagram brings real traffic from real users when you know how to post it right. You can use third-party services for better evaluation of your work, and also to get more likes, followers, etc. from real users.


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