How to choose the best sports wheelchair

How to choose the best sports wheelchair

Oct 3, 2018, 4:40:00 PM Sport

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of individuals affected by disabilities who want to participate in athletic and sports activities. Partaking in recreational or competitive sports is an essential tool for maintaining mental and physical health for everyone. Because of this increase and influx, the wheelchair world has also experienced significant growth because of the demand for wheelchairs. Here are a few tips to help choose the best wheelchair for sports.


The cost of sports wheelchairs will vary from one brand to another and based on additional accessories. Therefore, it is important that you plan ahead of time to determine how much you are willing to spend on your sports wheelchair. This will help you to only focus on those that are within your budget range. It is best that you determine how much you plan on using the wheelchair and why you really need it. Keep in mind that the cost of the sports wheelchair will depend on the quality and the features.

Choose your sport

It is important that you get a wheelchair that is designed for your specific sport. This is because the chair setup is crucial to guarantee the best performance for you. Additionally, it will help you ensure that the length, width, and height of the chair and the footplate configurations and back height are ideal for your sporting needs. Strappings will also boost security and stability when playing. Some sports wheelchairs will also have a fifth wheel that acts as an anti-tip and helps to make the chair very stable.

Get the right size

One consideration for picking a sports wheelchair is the size that you need. Width, height, and weight are essential considerations when determining the wheelchair that suits your needs. If you are tall, then you will need a different size of a wheelchair than someone who is short. In addition, heavier individuals will also require a heavy duty and more robust wheelchair compared to individuals who are lighter. Check out for a list of wheelchair sports.     

Agility and speed

Sports wheelchairs are usually designed with a specific sport in mind. For example, chairs that are meant for basketball or tennis must be highly maneuverable and very quick. They should also have angled wheels to guarantee stability when making tight turns. Basketball chaise must also be constructed from durable and lightweight materials like titanium, aluminum, and carbon fibre composite.

Appropriate seat height

Choosing a wheelchair that has the correct seat height is essential to sporting excellence. This is because the height will directly affect the balance, comfort, and the center of gravity of the user. The optimum seating height will also help to prevent injuries, for example, those caused by pressure, tipping over, or impact. The seat height is based on the distance from the floor to the wheelchair seat. If the seat is extremely low, the knees will be high and the feet of the user may drag.

After putting all the above factors into consideration, you should determine how to buy your sports wheelchair. When buying the wheelchair, you should ensure that you are able to test it. This will give you the opportunity of deciding whether the chosen model is the best for you.  Procuring a wheelchair from a dealer is the best option but take time to check out different brands before determining a sports wheelchair that suits your needs.

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