How to help your child pick the right musical instrument?

How to help your child pick the right musical instrument?

Dec 15, 2018, 12:56:19 AM Entertainment

No magic spell can give you or a child the mastery of a musical instrument. The only way to gain command over any instrument is through dedicated practice and regular lessons. Adults tend to believe that playing an instrument is good for the child and as long as he or she can learn something, he or she can pick another instrument later. Experts do not agree with this concept. They often emphasize the correct selection of a child's musical instrument. The choice usually depends upon a child’s age, personality, and interest. Instrument popularity makes a profound impact on a child's decision as well.

You can help your kid pick the right instrument. Here are a few factors you must consider before choosing it –

Your child’s age

How old is your kid? Is he or she a toddler? Is he or she in primary school? Are your children in high-school already? A cello might be an excellent instrument for a high-school going kid, but it may seem too imposing for a preschooler. You need to pick "kiddy" versions of instruments if necessary, and that includes the violin, cello, and guitar. You can find customized sizes at multiple Long Island music stores. The only instrument that does not have size specifications according to a child's age is a piano. That is the reason most parents on Long Island prefer piano classes for their growing children.

Physical strength

All music schools on Long Island stress on a child’s physical capabilities during the instrument selection process. At first, it might seem bizarre since music as an art form has little to do with robustness. However, certain musical instruments require the musician to be steady and strong. That includes drums, cello and even violin! So the next time you go to a music school on Long Island and they inquire about your child’s physical capabilities, you will know exactly what they are talking about.

How tall is your kid?

The kid's height will influence the choice of musical instrument quite significantly. Some instruments require custom fitting like Spanish guitars, electric guitars, and drum sets. If you want to avoid the confusion regarding the height and size of instruments, always go with piano lessons. Picking an instrument like a piano takes the height and strength considerations out of the equation entirely. Check out Grace Music School on Long Island to find out more reasons why piano lessons are great for children of growing age.

What’s their hand size?

It might seem unreal, but the size of their hands will also affect their performance and choice. If your child has small hands, he will have a tough time playing the small guitars and pianos. Tall fingers on a larger than average hand size for kids are perfect for almost all instruments. Children interested in enrolling their children in electric guitar classes should take this as great news! Nearly all popular guitar players and bass players from Long Island have uncannily large hands with long fingers.

What’s his or her personality like?

While picking the instrument, you need to consider your child’s personality. What does he do in his free time? Does she like going out? Is he shy? Is she boisterous? These are a few traits that should help you choose the instrument for your child. You may have already noticed that most violinists, guitarists, trumpeters, and flutists are extroverts, whereas cello players and bass players are usually introverts. That might sound like nothing but a stereotype, but the belief comes from facts people have observed for decades, if not centuries. Even today, Long Island music experts often recommend piano for introvert or ambivert children just beginning to explore their musical talents.

What is the popular opinion about the instrument?

How many times have you heard that only "dorks" play the cello? While that is a grossly wrong statement, it is nonetheless popular. Each instrument has a personality, and people perceive each of them differently. The moment people hear a person play an electric guitar, he or she receives accolades. However, the bass player rarely gets as much recognition or importance. So, whether it is the piano, violin or a Spanish guitar your child chooses, be sure to be supportive. Nothing is unachievable with a great teacher.

What if your child likes an entirely uncommon instrument?

Finding teachers for uncommon instruments can be difficult at times. However, that does not mean you should convince your child to take up an entirely different instrument based on availability on Long Island. According to many, the piano is the best instrument to build musical aptitude. It helps children learn how to read music, which is imperative for any instrument across the world. So, if your child likes an exotic instrument that is not available or lessons are unavailable on Long Island, you should explain the benefits of piano lessons and take your child for a demo class soon.

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