How to transform your café into a trendsetter?

How to transform your café into a trendsetter?

Dec 12, 2018, 12:00:31 AM Business

Summer is here again. Everything is a little more colourful. It is time for your café to put on its festive garb to welcome the passers-by. When we walk by a bistro what do we notice first? Is it the menu, the glow signs, the people at the tables inside? As it turns out, the most noticeable factors about cafes are neither of those things. It is the outdoor seating!

People often feel interested in trying out a new joint by seeing their outdoor seating arrangement. The bold, colourful, creative but effective seating takes the cake. What attracts us most to a corner café is a group of people relaxing on the comfortable chairs with their cool long drinks.

It’s time for a makeover!

If you are thinking about giving your restaurant or café a makeover, this might be the perfect time for it. Melbourne is the city of cafes and people have caught on to the café culture quite quickly. Hundreds of new coffee joints have opened up in the town wherever they could find respectable real estate. Whether it is a kitsch setup inside a garage or a neo-modern joint on the terrace, people have been flocking to these cafes like bees to spring flowers.

Outdoor furniture is no longer boring

There was a time when outdoor furniture was generic and boring. Right now, you have hundreds of different options. You can browse hundreds of colours and designs that go with your cafes theme. You can explore outdoor furniture that ranges from being bold and dramatic to elegant and eclectic.  There is no question of compromising your café's style quotient for want of durable furniture. Outdoor seating with CFM Melbourne is comfortable, stylish and functional. Moreover, you get a great deal because these chairs and tables have a long lifespan.

Be smart while investing in outdoor café furniture

While picking your outdoor furniture, you must find out if the company promises weather-proof and fire-proof material. If it does, find out about the UV-resistance. At the same time, do not forget to ask how easy it will be to clean the surface in case of accidental spills. Thanks to modern technology and design skills, you don't have to compromise on looks for purchasing furniture that lasts long and stays strong. Another way to create a smart and even indoor layout for your café is by choosing the same design of furniture for the indoor seating area as well as the outdoor seating area. 

Do you need new café furniture for the outdoor seating area?

Remember, when you are competing with already popular cafes in the centre of Melbourne city, you will need something more than a great menu and fancy signage. You will need to attract whosoever is passing by your establishment. Gaining the attention of the passers-by is one of the best methods of organic marketing. Investing in classy, smart and budget outdoor furniture is one of the best ways to give your joint a personality that attracts paying customers.

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