How to Use Instagram To Sell Your Used Watches?

How to Use Instagram To Sell Your Used Watches?

Oct 20, 2018, 11:40:21 PM Business

Instagram is a popular social media platform used for promotion and marketing of products and services. This platform has over 1 billion users monthly, and it is a great place to buy and sell products. Instagram is a mobile application that can conveniently be downloaded on your smartphone. The platform is popular as it is simple for you to use for reaching out to the targeted audience without hassles.

Sell watches on Instagram

There is a large market for used watches across the world. If you wish to sell your watch that has high value in the market, upload a picture of it on Instagram. This social media platform helps you to attract customers and engage them when it comes to selling your watches. Experts in the field say when you are selling a used watch online, you should determine what its value is. This is generally done with research online or by websites that sell used watches online. These sites have professionals that assess and evaluate the value of the watches online.

Be realistic when it comes to selling a used watch

Experts in the field say when you are selling a used watch online; you need to be realistic. You cannot sell a watch that you purchased for a low price for good returns. The watch you own must have selling potential. A good watch will belong to a good brand. For instance, if you own a Swiss watch, you can sell this watch online for a high price.

The brand of the used watch should be widely-sought after in the market

If you own a watch from one of the most sought-after brands in the world, you will find it is easy for you to sell this watch. Remember, the watch you own should be desirable and popular in the market. Some websites accept all kinds of watches for sale. If you have a watch that is cheap, you can sell it there as well. However, the returns you get will not be as good as Swiss Brand watches.

How can online forums help you to connect with genuine buyers?

In case, you are new to the concept of selling used watches online; you can learn more about selling watches from online forums. There are online forums dedicated to Omega, Rolex, Tissot and the like. The members of these forums generally have the same interests as you. They will give you authentic information and knowledge about a watch brand you are keen to sell online. Most of the time, brands like Tissot manufacture rare models and place them on sale in the market. These watch models are highly priced, and they fetch you lucrative returns.

The watch you sell should be an original piece

When you are selling used watches online, make sure that the watch is an original piece. Even the replacement parts of the watch should be original or else the price of the watch will dip. Take time to check the materials and the quality of the watch so that you face no hassles while selling it.

When you sell used watches, you need to be aware of the product features. The original product features should be listed so that buyers get an idea of what they wish to buy. Make sure to create a presentation that is simple for others to read. The description should contain the price of the watch, its quality, and brand.

Make sure you have the peripheral items

For used watches, the original peripherals of the watch add up to its value. Your watch should be in very good condition and so make sure you get a professional to clean and polish the watch. When you are cleaning the watch, never attempt to do the cleaning on your own as this might damage the watch and the parts inside. Once the parts are damaged the value of the watch will become lesser. List all the details in Instagram captions and add the relevant hashtags.

The sales receipt of the watch also increases the value of used watches. If you have the original box and the sales receipt of the watch, selling a used watch becomes easier. If you keep the original sales receipt of the product and its peripherals, you can increase the value of the watch online. These peripherals will help the buyer authenticate the product that you are selling to him or her.

How do you place a price tag on the watch?

This task is a confusing task for many sellers of used watches. They do not even know how to fix a price tag on the watch. This is why online websites that sell used watches step in to help. The team of experts from these sites largely helps you to set a fixed value for the watch. Experts say when you are selling a used watch in the market, its price will be lesser over the price you paid for it. There are some exceptional cases where the price of the watch might have increased due to its rarity in the market.

Do watches owned by famous people have value in the market?

Watches owned by famous people do have value in the watch selling market. These watches are priced quite high. In fact, if you own such a watch by a celebrity, you will get value for money for it. Post photos and write attractive captions to spread awareness.

Be informed before the sale

Before the sales take place, you need to be informed and aware of the prices of the watch. You should completely rely on price evaluations given by online websites. Conduct some extensive market research on your own. You can browse through branded watches with prices and features. This gives you an idea on the approximate price of the watch that you intend to sell.

When you are informed about the market rates of the watch, you can fix the right price for the customer to buy the used watch from you. Keep the above simple tips in mind when you decide to sell your used watch in the market!

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