Sleep Vs Exercise – You Must Know This

Sleep Vs Exercise – You Must Know This

Dec 19, 2018, 10:55:58 PM Life and Styles

Getting enough sleep and exercise are essential to lead a healthy life regardless of how old or young you are.  However, when you are short on time, you are forced to choose between the two.  Many people agonize over waking up an hour early to squeeze in an extra workout into their busy schedule, while others prefer to sleep and make sure their body is well rested before their busy day begins.
Regular sleep and quality sleep are two critical factors that keep your body functioning at its optimum level. Although one activity feeds of the other, skipping out one of them in favour of the other is not exactly a good decision. Recent studies have shown that reducing the number of hours you sleep can have an impact on your ability to work out for a longer time period. It is not surprising to notice a lack of enthusiasm for working out when you haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before on a good quality bed mattress. In fact, a lack of sleep makes your body more perceptive to fatigue and higher exertion, so you can
buy mattresses online at the best price. Unfortunately, skipping out on your regular exercise is not a good idea either.
Optimal Solution:
Since every human body is designed differently, each person needs a different amount of sleep. Some people can function normally with as less as 6 hours of sleep, while others find it difficult to function without at least 9 hours of sleep. So it is important to understand how your body functions before deciding whether to exercise for a while by cutting down on sleep. Interestingly, exercise makes it easier to sleep better the following day.  In case your mattress is troubling you at night,
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If you do not feel energized while working out, it might be a good idea to consider a change in scenery. Some people find it more interesting to go jogging in a nearby park early morning rather workout on their treadmill. Studies have shown that exposure to early sunshine helps suppress the sleep hormone and make you feel more energized. It also helps regulate your body’s natural clock and help you sleep soundly in the evening.
Exceptions to the Routine:
In case you are more tired than usual, it is okay to skip your workout and sleep for a while longer. However, it is essential to make this the exception rather than the rule. Wakefit states that a simple way to make sure you do not disabuse this is by giving yourself a sleep-in option once every month. Once you use it up, you do not have a chance until the next month starts.
Solutions for Hectic Schedules:
If you have a crazy schedule where it is impossible to squeeze in hour-long workouts, you can take a look at more intense workouts. These are often high impact and take less time, helping you achieve your target physical activity for the day. It is considered to be as effective as regular workouts according to the experts in the industry. And once you are done with the workout, get some sleep on a good mattress to feel well rested.
Another way of working out the balance between sleep and workouts is by trying to squeeze in a few minutes of sleep anywhere you can. Some people tend to catch a short nap on their daily commute to and from work. This helps their body feel well rested before they exercise. You can also invest in a quality mattress to get proper sleep every night. The memory foam mattress reviews on websites are enough proof of how these mattresses can help you get a good night’s sleep.

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