The regular inspection ensures that fire sprinklers will never fail in saving life and property

The innocuous-looking fire sprinklers are very critical in fighting the fire and saving lives which is the reason for using it extensively in residential and commercial buildings. The small circular star like the device is an integral part of any firefighting system because of its high efficiency in suppressing fires that can reduce death rates by 85% as acknowledged by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers in a report.  Architects and building owners rely on the systems that have become a very popular feature in any fire prevention scheme.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, while its use is generally discretionary, it is mandatory by law to install sprinklers in some buildings utilized for specific purposes. 

Consult an expert

You can consult the experts of a Fire safety Inspection Company in Vancouver BC Canada to decide whether to install sprinklers because not all kinds of premises would require it. However, just like any other fire protection devices, you cannot just install sprinklers and forget it. Just as any fire protection and fire suppression system need a periodic inspection to ensure that the devices are in working condition and would function properly when the need arises, the sprinklers too must be in the inspection list along with the fire pumps. Along with inspection comes preventive maintenance that ensures that the devices remain operable under any conditions.

The inspection guides

The Inspection Company will thoroughly inspect the entire fire protection system and submit a report that can point out any deficiency that you have to address immediately. Remember that fire protection is an emergency service that calls for a speedy response to any problems, and the inspection helps early detection of problems. The entire system has to function satisfactorily at any point in time, and only regular inspection can give you the confidence about it.  In the United States, the inspection must follow the guidelines of the Standards for the Inspection, Testing, and maintenance of Water-based Fire Protection Systems or NFPA25 that stipulates the minimal requirements. However, you should check the local laws and with the local fire authority because they might have some special requirements that you should also comply with.

Types of sprinkler system

There are wet pipe sprinklers and dry pipe sprinklers that are popularly used. While the wet pipe sprinklers use water to control fire, the dry pipe sprinkler system uses pressurized nitrogen or air.  On activating the dry pipe sprinkler head, it releases the pressure in the line and water finds its way through the system that opens the sprinklers. The dry pipe sprinkler system is useful in very cold temperatures when water in the pipeline might freeze and make wet pipe sprinkler systems defunct. However, wet pipe sprinkler systems are most widely used because of its high reliability and speedy response time.

A properly maintained sprinkler system can minimize the risk to life and damage to property as it bursts into action as soon as it receives the signal that it is time to act. Installing a fire protection system would make you eligible for earning incentives which are the government's way to encourage safety.

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