Top Trends for BPO Outsourcing in 2019

Top Trends for BPO Outsourcing in 2019

Nov 28, 2018, 4:15:45 PM Business

It is not easy to take a business decision where future planning is involved. Business owners are constantly baffled by the ambiguities that persist in the market. And to take an outsourcing decision in such an uncertain environment is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The year 2018 saw a number of technologies entering and making a solid impact in the business process outsourcing sector quite phenomenally. Tech advancements like Artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are the few examples of how the outsourcing sector saw a boost and enhancement in the deliverance of the call center services.

Hiring a business process outsourcing company has become a sure shot mantra for success for the corporates in the western world. Company owners in the USA, UK, Australia, are not at all shying away to delegate not only their extraneous but some of the core operations to the call centers in India, Philippines, China, etc.

However, the year 2019, which is just a couple of months away, is bringing new opportunities and possibilities for the BPO owners. Through this blog, we are going to discuss some of the trends that are supposed to rule the outsourcing industry in 2019:

Tactical positioning

No doubt, cost-effectiveness is the primary element that attracts so many companies to outsource their business tasks to a third party vendor in an offshore location. Business owners primarily look to leverage on the cost-benefit in order to enhance the overall profitability for the company.

However, with the latest happenings, the cost is not the only focus aspect for the organizations looking for outsourcing. Company owners in the American and European continent are now understanding that merely saving some bucks today isn’t going to lure out profit for tomorrow. There has to be something more.

Thus, the need for a proper corporate alignment is surely going to be an essentiality that business owners will look for. If the business process outsourcing company you are going to partner with is not sharing the same cultural and organizational vision, then the entire purpose is failed.

Today, it has become a dire need that a business partnership should be headed in the same direction. Your outsourcing partner should share the same vision as your business’s bottom-line. Accomplishing long-term goals is only possible if tactical conformation exists. This is going to be one of the trends that will rule the BPO sector in the year 2019.

Data security

Business owners generally look for a stable financial course for their company’s future and there is nothing wrong with that. BPO companies also ensure to offer the same to the business owners by contracting long-term relationship, hence offering a credible financial stability.

However, business owners are today more concerned about one particular issue; Data security.

And they are absolutely justified to do the same because of so many events that happened in recent times. For instance, Equifax Breach of 2017 that is known to impact a colossal 127 million people has jittered the entire business world. Another such mishap happened during the Facebook data breach where 87 million people were affected.

So, data security is topping to become one of the most focused concerns of the business owners. A reputed business process outsourcing company that is going to offer an assured and safe cyber environment for the operations will be the ideal choice for the organizations in the year 2019. After all, data is nothing but the reputation of a company.

Customer-centric approach

The year 2019 will be the epoch when organizations will mobilize their efforts to bring stability and success. Customers are the real asset that companies around the world are now trying to capitalize on. To do so, business owners want to provide the best of service experience to their customers and they do not want to compromise on this factor a bit.

So, the organizations in the year 2019 will be collecting valuable insights about their patrons like; who the audience is, what it prefers, and what are the best ways to provide an unforgettable customer experience. This information once sorted, will be offered to the business process outsourcing company that the organization is going to partner up with. A customer-centric approach will be the ultimate strategy of the business process outsourcing in the coming year.

Technology investment

The advanced technology like AI, machine learning applications (virtual agents) and IoT have confused the business owners on the investment part. Business owners are more than puzzled on what sort of technology is best to put in their money and efforts. Companies with big financial backup do not have to worry about but the organizations that are small or medium in sizes are taking a bit of conservative approach when it comes to putting money in technology.

And because there are so many high-end techs; for instance,video chat and chatbots are the easy catches for the business owners, the decision is going to be a tough one. The year 2019 will see more and more organizations daring up to invest in more advanced technologies. 

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