Men’s Winter Shoes Guide 2020 by Straight Laces

Winters are the best season for the fashionistas. What do winters remind you? Apparel and accessories, right? Just as you change the style and type of clothing in winters, so do you need to change the footwear. Winters bring soggy shoes and socks days. Whenever you step out of your house, the shoes, socks, and feet get wet. And you are left with no other option than to wear the uncomfortable and distracting footwear for the entire day!

Worry no more as Straight Laces brings you this winter, the ultimate men’s shoes guide 2020 for all the fashion-conscious and comfort footwear loving men out there. Below you will find the right winter footwear that will shield you from the winter worries and are versatile enough to suit all the styles and personalities.

1. Chunky Men’s Brogues

The chunky brogues are both stylish and comfortable. These make the right winter footwear as they have an extra leather welt attached between sole and shoe-edge to keep your feet away from the wet floor.

For an extra layer of protection, you can go for the rubber-studded Dainite soles. The rubber soles are designed in a way to appear leathery and semi-formal. Apart from protecting your feet and socks from getting wet, the chunky brogues look great with both formal and casual wear. The footwears look even classier when paired with round stretchy shoelaces.

2. Winter Trainers

The winter trainers are another favorite footwear on the list. These shoes are made of robust leather and do not get easily wet. Also, the footwear comes in such colors that well-conceal the puddle dirt and mud.

If not leather, then you must always look for waterproof shoe-materials or canvas pairs with Crepe-Protect. These shoes are perfect for the weekends when you walk a lot and try hard to escape the puddles.

3. Hiking Boots

The above-ankle hiking boots protect the feet from the frosty mountain surfaces. These footwears work equally well with a wet road. You are free to experiment with these shoes as long as you don’t break-off the traditional appeal of the pair.

These classy pairs look excellent with casual apparel and workwear as well. Choose the boots made of good-quality leather and soles for optimum comfort and protection against wet pavements.

4. Chukka Boots

Similar to the desert boots, the Chukka boots protect the feet from the harsh winters. These footwears get less dirty, and the cleaning is as easy as a stroke of wiping. The above-ankle leather varieties are easily cleanable, and the rubber soles offer you a tight grip on the wet roads.

The Chukka Boots are versatile enough to go well with any apparel, wool trouser, jeans, or chinos. The overall look of the footwear is more uplifted when combined with a pair of classy round laces.

You now know the winter footwear essentials for your wardrobe. Don’t delay and collect the pieces as soon as possible. When you are all equipped with your winter shoes collection, the sound of winter bells ringing at your doors will invite you to enjoy the pink season, rather than pushing you to lock yourself inside.

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