Reminders You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

Reminders You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

Jan 11, 2017, 4:05:59 PM Life and Styles

After a roller coaster of emotions throughout the past weeks, I decided that it might be a good idea to compile a list of reminders to tell yourself everyday, ones that push you to become a better you day after day.

  1. Your friends are here for you. Those who bring you down are not your friends.
  2. If you're feeling particularly unproductive, at least get one small thing done so you can praise yourself for your hard work today. One step closer to finishing is better than nothing.
  3. You can do it! Although you may have a lot on your plate now, take things one by one.
  4. Today is a good day - cherish it.
  5. Wake up early. No need to spend the day rotting in bed (unless you really need to). Mornings are the best!
  6. Be friendly. Say hi to someone today.
  7. It's okay if you don't end up following your plans. Be adventurous!
  8. Instead of being envious of others, see them as inspiration. You can be just like them and even better.
  9. The only person who will bring you down is yourself.
  10. It's okay to be wrong, it only matters that you tried.
  11. Be bold. Be confident.
  12. Wish yourself good night.

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