So You Want To Write A Book?

People often think writing a book is easy, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s like any job and can be frustrating at times. It can take many hours, weeks, and sometimes years to complete and get it ready for publication.

My advice is:

  • Write the complete first draft
  • Re-read and edit.
  • Edit again
  • Send to your kindle
  • Back to Your Computer
  • Memorable Lines and Excerpts
  • Select Your Book Cover
  • Ready to Publish
  • On Sale

The First Draft

Write your first draft without stopping to edit or think too much about what you have written. This is the enjoyable process. Where imagination runs wild and you can write whatever you want without too much thought.

Reread and Edit

Make all the corrections. These can be typos, missing words or sentences that make no sense at all. There will be plenty. Does your story have a beginning, middle and an end? Does the action build up and build up to a conclusion? Does it make sense and is the plot feasible?

Edit again

You may want to add more, insert whole chapters to expand on characters or plot lines. Fresh ideas may come to you. Keep a notebook with you, so that when the ideas or questions about your story come up, you can write them down.

Send to your kindle

I find this particular helpful, but if you don’t have a kindle, print it off. Get your notebook and pen and read. I find that by sending it to my kindle it fools my brain to think I’m reading a proper book. All the errors jump straight out. This may also work if your read aloud from your manuscript. Start making notes. Put them into chapters with your notes underneath. This helps when you want to come to a stop or need a breather as its all-consuming work!

Back to Your Computer

Start making your amendments and when you have finished, send it back to your kindle, or print off. Begin the process again. This time, start making notes called Memorable Line and Excerpts as well and in the same notebook.

Memorable Lines and Excerpts

When you come to promote your book, you will need teasers and excerpts which will be sent to bloggers, or anyone who wants to feature your book. You may even want to post it on your own page. This has to be an exciting section, without giving too much away and to grab your reader’s attention.

Teasers are small excerpts, even just one line that captures the imaginations. You’ll need good photo or background to go with it. You can either get someone to do them, or make your own.

Book Cover

A great eye catching for your book is a must-have. You may be able to make it yourself, but most of us will need a book cover artist. They will spend time with you deciding on exactly what you want, and will make you two covers. One for the kindle and a full book cover for print. The kindle version is straightforward. For the print version they will need to know the number of words to make it the correct size. They will also need the book description. Write the blurb to entice the reader and make them immediately want to buy it. Look at other book descriptions to see how they word it.

Ready to Publish

You have re and re-read your book that many times; you know it inside out. You have sent it to an editor, and you have had people read it for an opinion and feedback. Your book is perfect.

Amazon is the biggest online bookstall and very influential. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is where you upload it to and Createspace is where the paperback is uploaded. You can do this yourself if you have read all the guidelines. I’ve found getting a small publishing company to format it for me makes all the difference. This way your kindle and print copy with look the same. They will also do you an e-Publisher file suitable for other e-readers.

Other publishes such as Google Books, Smashwords, iBooks and Draft2Digital can be investigated at a later date.

On Sale

Your book is now on sale, you sit back and wait for the buyers to come flooding in, right? Wrong. How will people know your book is there if you don’t tell them? You have to become a book seller too. Promotion is the second biggest thing you will do for your book. The first being to write it. Promotion is ongoing, forever and all the time you have to think of new ways to promote it, get it seen and get people to buy it. One of those ways is teasers as I mentioned earlier. You will post this on your Facebook Fan Page, on Twitter and as many Social Media sites as you can. People will soon get bored if they constantly see the same thing. As an author, people want to know you as well, so vary your book promotion with things about where you live, a funny meme, picture of your dog, other hobbies, etc. Dog lovers and people interested in the area you live may also be readers. If you are clever, the picture you put out, will have a link to your book on them.

I have only touched on the subject of writing a novel. It is a learning curve when you become an Indie Author. If I was to tell you everything I know, and there is plenty more I don’t know, it would the subject of a book. Maybe further down the line you will want to write it. All the above will still apply.

Facebook and Google+ are great places for finding groups of authors. These people maybe your biggest competition, but they are also your biggest alley. They will give you all the help and ideas you need to get published. You will also be able to find small publishing companies, cover artists, editors, proof readers and beta readers on there.

I’m a big fan of teasers and book trailers. Have a look at my Pinterest site for some ideas.

Small Publishing Companies

Book Covers


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