500 Days of Summer: not your ordinary romcom

When you see Romantic Comedy (rom-com) movies in Hollywood, it is so cliche, so predictable, so feel-good. It's like there's this formula that boy meets girl, feels good (or sometimes bad) then eventually, because of a significant episode (be stranded somewhere, go to one of their hometowns, there's a big project at work, etc. etc.), they will soon fall in love... and we all know the rest.

500 Days of Summer didn't jump into that bandwagon. In fact, it defied the norms of Romantic Comedies. Usually, it is the guy who doesn't believe in love and 'plays the field' and girls are the common usual hopeless romantics. But not in this flick. It's the guy who is trying to find "The One" and whose heart was broken, who moves on from this heartache. The forward-replay sequence of the days may be weird and confusing to some but this makes it very unique. It shows the contrast of Summer's before and after effect on Tom's life. And I don't think it will be just as striking if it went from Day 1 to Day 500. For me, the ending is very, very promising. Like it would stay in your mind even after the credits are rolling. It's like the ending is also something else's beginning. And the fact that it ended there leaves so many things in the viewers' imagination.

The movie had so many fun moments, I could almost relate to my own experiences (although not exactly the same, just as funny as a memory)- like that game when they were shouting the male organ in a park, the 'morning after' dancing on the park, the guessing of songs by humming it over the phone, the husband-and-wife role playing in the mall. And just as many sad moments like the reality/expectations scene, the last conversation at the 'favorite spot'. I just wasn't showing, but tears were already welling.

I also need to commend the witty script, the convincing cast (I really think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of Hollywood's most underrated actors) and this movie's ability to make you smile through tears. If you've been in and out of love, you know what I'm saying.

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