“I've been self destructive my whole life… for me, becoming a parent changed everything. My priorities straightened out. My life is all different. I feel I'm finally living the life I should be living.” Let me quote Angelina Jolie as a starter.

And I couldn’t agree more. Parenthood is not a matter of being prepared; not a result of a good childhood or social status. I know a lot of parents who are great but didn’t plan on becoming one. I see in Wish Ko Lang these parents who literally live an ‘isang kahid isang tuka’ lifestyle but are still great parents. And it’s not something like marriage that you have a partner to blame if the relationship turned sour. In parenting, nobody is to blame but yourself. A kid’s mind is like a sponge. A blank canvass. As a parent, you hold the paintbrush. So if it’s a pretty picture, congratulations. But if you painted otherwise, unfortunately, there’s no control z to undone.

Motherhood for me is even more important than parenting. Being a mom myself and being raised by a single mom, it is kinda biased for me to say something like this. But in reality, it would be harder for a child to grow up without a Mom than without a father. Moms are the superheroes. They cook us baon, they keep the house clean, do the laundry, helps in homework and make sure we are raised well. The foundation of a person’s morals start at home. With who else but our moms. Our morals, future relationships even success in life are direct and indirect products of how our Moms raised us. Take Jason Ivler and Jose Rizal.

What responsibility is bigger than that? A person’s life and future are in your hands, decisions and teachings. From conception, through formative years, even until adulthood, our Moms play an important part in our lives. During pregnancy, an expecting mom must and must not do or eat this, etc. or when a child starts asking questions like, how are babies made? Why is there a God the father and God the son? Or when kids develop tantrums, imaginary friends, become spoiled brats, etc.-all these are in one way or another affected by a Mom. So these people who commit suicide because they got dumped, probably because they’re used to getting whatever they want, or these men who beats their wife and kids because they were also beaten when they were kids. These are all works of a mother.

But the best part of being a mom is learning to appreciate your own mom. Now that you know how big of a responsibility you have, and how difficult is this task, you will be grateful to have her. Now that I know the morning sickness, the labor pains, the sleepless nights, the ‘Terrible Two’, the heartache of bringing a sick child to the hospital, the joy of hearing your child say Mommy for the first time, I could go on and on. I love my Mom and Lola more after going through all the discomforts, perils and challenges of motherhood.

They’re not really perfect role models. But we can learn from our mistakes, even from our Moms. And in all fairness, what she couldn’t uphold in the ‘image’ part, she definitely filled in with advice and life lessons. The most important I got from her which I hope I can instill in Pad is the value of knowledge. I remember choosing books over toys. At an early age, I have already learned discipline, time management and good study habits which I brought with me until college. I used to hate her for making me miss my favorite cartoon shows but 'thank you' is not even enough.

To show gratitude to my Mom and Lola, I will do my best with Pad. May God grant me the same wisdom, patience and understanding He shared with her. I know I even have an upper hand, considering I am older when I had Pad, I am currently employed and the benefits of modern technology. But even with all these ‘advantages’ you may call, I will still wish I could be even just half as good as my Mom was to all four of us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there. And even to those who are not Mothers, kiss your Mom today and if you can, give her flowers. That’s the least we could do.

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