Best Halo Halo in Town

Best Halo Halo in Town

Located along the national highway which makes it convenient to travelers, ARG Razon is Paniqui's extension to the popular Kapampangan brand.

Best Halo Halo in Town Paniqui, Tarlac - Not only in our town of Paniqui, Tarlac but the whole country recognizes one of the best halo-halo hails from Guagua, Pampanga, prepared by a clan called Razon. After the second world war, they soon shared their family's bestseller recipes to everyone through the Razon food chain (D'Original Razons, Razons of Guagua) now scattered all over the country. In our town, we have ARG Razon.


A Wall of History - While waiting for your order, you can read through news clips about this eatery, check photos of the Razon family and celebrity diners.

They offer classic Filipino favorites in Kapampangan-style like pancit luglog, sisig, dinuguan, lumpiang shanghai and many more. They offer their pancit variations in single orders and in bilao. Newer menu selection include clubhouse sandwiches.


Not very photoghenic but this brown sauce on their Fresh Lumpia at 60php compliments really well with those crunchy veggies and occasional nuts with the soft fragile lumpia wrapper.

The highlight of every meal in ARG Razon is their halo-halo, which is known as a minimalist halo-halo with only three ingredients - macapuno, leche flan and sweetened saba (aside from the milk and shaved ice). It may lack the famous ice cream scoop, colored sago't gulaman with matching stick-o but it's all been covered by these three magical ingredients. Even their milk tastes different.


No words. This simple, minimalist halo-halo of ARG Razon (only for 75php) beats the colorful ones any given day.

So if you want to taste Pampanga without ever having to physically go there, Razon's is a great option. There are many other kabalen eateries all over the archipelago but it just happens that ARG Razon is what we have at home.


At 120php, this generous HLT clubhouse sandwich with scrambled eggs and fries on the side would have been spectacular if not for the banana catsup. My bad, I forgot to tell I don't like it with catsup.

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