to all who have been an EX

is it just me or are there a lot of crimes of passion being committed lately?

of course,it's always been a part of history, murder triggered by strong emotions such as hatred, jealousy, anger and the like. But I've been noticing a lot of tragic love stories in the news for the past months. And it's not just getting bloodier but the parties involved are getting younger. Hence, more drama.

It first caught my attention when my Mom told me about this girl, a call center agent, who was found decapitated in a motel somewhere in Pampanga. According to reports, the girl checked in with her boyfriend, both of whom are regulars at the said motel. I don't know if the guy was ever arrested, or if the head was ever found. What I know is this guy must be possessed by a demon or under the influence of an illegal substance to commit such a monstrous crime. Killing itself is a horrible, horrible thing. But taking the head off? Even if she cheated on him, she wants a break up or even if she is yelling her guts out, this doesn't justify beheading a person. Two words for him. Anger Management.

Last month, days before Heart's Day, I remember this news about a graduating Tourism student who was killed 'allegedly' by her own boyfriend. Like the beheaded girl, she was last seen alive with her boyfriend and she was found dead at her boyfriend's house. Local news failed to make a follow up report so I wasn't able to keep track of the guy's whereabouts. But he went missing after the incident. Coward. That's the word that light-bulbed in my head. Mere flight suggests guilt.

I thought that was it. But a few nights ago, in prime-time news, it happened again! A seventeen-year-old girl, while waiting for her next class in campus premises, was shot in her face by former boyfriend, who also happens to be seventeen years old. Witnesses claimed that they heard the girl wanting a break up but the guy couldn't accept this so he shot her and then himself. Emo.

"If I cant have you, nobody else can." Sure, what these guys did breathe life to that famous line. But this last kid who shot himself in the head after shooting his girl added a twist. "I want nobody, nobody but you..." or "See you in the afterlife..." or something to that effect.

On a serious note, I've concluded a few points with these incidents. I didn't put much thought on it before but I've read somewhere that there are higher suicide rates in men than in women. A bit ironic, if you think, considering that these are testosterone-induced creatures with the unique capability of shutting their emotions like a tap or a switch.

Another theory is that these guys probably had a weak support system. That's why I best suggest if you have a brother, a son, a cousin, a friend, an office-mate, who's having 'love problems', don't shrug them off. If you aren't really a good adviser, at least listen and show them your presence. As for everyone out there, who are thinking of entering a relationship with someone, know the person first,know his/her circle of friends, his/her relatives, what piques him/her. Would you date a guy who is rude to the waiter or his own mother? I know it's very cliche but small things count.

For my final words, I know I've been dropping off quotes everywhere but I'd like to leave with this,"Behind every great man's success and defeat is a woman." Yeah, most guys probably wont agree but I believe this. Samson and Delilah, Macoy and Imelda, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, the Trojan War.

If you've seen the movie Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg would have never done Facebook without this Harvard chick who snobbed him. Like Zuckerberg, why cant these guys just use heartbreak and all the strong negative energy it releases to create something positive and improve themselves? Last scene of the film includes Zuckerberg finding the girl's account in his website and adding her as a friend. "I'm CEO, bitch." Isn't that sweeter revenge?

Truly, whoever sang "Love Hurts" made a clear understatement. Because it doesn't just hurt, it also kills. I just hope some won't take it literally.

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