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Hello and welcome! My name is Karin Finger.


In 2006, when I felt overwhelmed by life, the quest for inner peace propelled me on a spiritual path.


Originally, my background was a strictly scientific one (- I got my doctorate (PhD equivalent) in theoretical chemistry in 1996). But the spiritual journey turned my worldview inside-out and upside-down and has resulted in a new mode of navigating through life.


One of my most important insights was into the power of inner peace.
When I was angry, weird things would happen (e.g., light bulbs would burn out all of a sudden when I was in the room). On the other hand, when I was in inner peace, miracles would happen.


I was often amazed how the universe acted as a teacher, guiding me Home.


Since 2013, I have been nudged and pushed by the still small inner voice to come out of the closet and share. When I resist because of fear, I tend to get sick. So, I have come to accept that it is wise to follow the nudges of spirit and I came out of hiding in 2014 with a blog on WordPress.


Here, I share my struggles and successes, my stories about manifestation, synchronicities, and divine guidance, as well as my insights into the stages of the journey to inner peace.


I am German, live with my family in Germany, and am currently working part-time in the corporate world.


My blog is Spiritual Awakening - A Journey to Inner Peace,  https://karinfinger.wordpress.com .


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