Bringing spirituality to earth: the Golden Rule

Bringing spirituality to earth: the Golden Rule

Aug 23, 2022, 12:01:04 PM Religion

On March 24, 2014, in the receptive phase between sleep and awakening, I had a vision.

I saw the outlines of two people (probably guides), and one of them had a kind of sword or stick in his hand which he was moving fast downwards.

And during the motion, there was purple light on the upper side of the stick and red light on the lower side, like flames.

Then the guide said, „This is something you are going to need now.“

What did that mean?

At that time, I experimented with Aura-Soma equilibrium oils, little bottles with two phases of liquid with various color combinations and scents and different healing effects. I wondered, would I need to buy the mixture no. 65 which was purple on top and red on the bottom half?

The oil no. 65 had the description “bringing spirituality to earth”. So, I guessed that this was probably the meaning they intended to convey.

It turned out that that vision was an announcement of the experiences I would have later.

Don’t interfere in another’s work

One of my children got a bad grade in his math test. And, even worse, when I checked his correction, I saw that he had done it sloppily.

I became upset and admonished him to do the correction again. But he was still reluctant. Isn’t this my job as mother to check that the homework is done properly, and if not, then to ask for a correction? I felt that my action was totally justified.

But only two days later, something happened which made me wonder.

I had just completed some piece of computer coding. I wanted to get it quickly off my to-do list and had done the coding in a quick-and-dirty style.

Then, one of my colleagues looked at the coding and sent me a mail, inquiring why I hadn’t written the coding in a different way.

I was mad. This was none of his business. It was my coding. Why did he think that he could interfere? Why did I need to justify my coding style to him?

After my anger had cooled down, I saw the reciprocity of events. My interference in my child’s homework and my colleague’s interference in my work.


But reciprocity did also work in other ways. During the same time period, I gave book as a surprise gift to a friend of mine.

Shortly afterwards, another friend of mine came to me and returned two books which I had lent her. As a thank you, she gave me a voucher for a bookstore. How great!

It seemed as if the vision of the purple and red flames around the stick was about “bringing spirituality to earth”, and that meant being aware of reciprocity or the Golden Rule.


This post is part of a series about my spiritual journey (table of contents).

photo credit: UweBKK (α 77 on ) Brünnstein mountain

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