Love is inside

Love is inside

Aug 31, 2019, 4:00:00 PM Religion

On February 14 in 2015,  I did it. I couldn’t resist any longer. This book had been recommended to me three times by now. A clear sign that I needed to read it.

I am talking about A Course of Love (ACOL), which some believe to be the sequel to the Jesus channeling A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Even though I was only halfway through reading Barbara Franken‘s wonderful book A Selection of True Awakening Experiences and was determined to finish that first, I downloaded Mari Perron’s A Course of Love today and started reading.

And then I realized, it was Valentine’s Day.

LOL! What a lovely synchronicity!

You know, I am German. And Valentine’s Day is not a big thing here. While some singles in the US tend to get suicidal  on Valentine’s Day, most people won’t notice this day in Germany. Like Halloween, it seems to have been imported from the USA (and any industry who can earn money with it will happily promote it). But I thought my English-speaking readers might appreciate this story.

Behold, true love is found inside of you.


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