Why create a bucket list?

Why create a bucket list?

My question is WHY NOT?! You’re only on this earth once, might as well live it!

Bucket list # 9: Run a half marathon [ Let’s see if I can get this one crossed off by the end of the year! ]

Our first Savage Race [Tampa, FL]

I’ve always had an adventurous heart and liked trying new things. Ever since my dad passed away earlier this year, I feel like the light I had in my heart to go on adventures is now a fire. Losing my dad was one of the most difficult things I’ve dealt with but it has also caused me to appreciate my life so much more. I want to enjoy every single day of my life, which may mean trying new things, showing gratitude or making time for self-care.

Bucket list # 18: Snowboard!

With that being said, one of my focuses is crossing off items from my bucket list and adding some new items as well. My bucket list is always growing, it consists of countries I want to travel to, places I want to see, things I want to purchase, activities I want to do, and basically anything that I have never tried, seen or done before. If there’s something I’ve tried for the first time and I didn’t have on my list, I still add it on there to have proof I’ve already done it!

Bucket list #3: Swim with Sharks [This one might be crossed off sooner than we think; stay tuned for this one]

Wynwood Walls [Miami, FL]
Sitting on my first shark [Juno Beach]


You’re never too young or too old to have a bucket list. If you haven’t started one, or if you have one in your head but never took the time to write it down, I suggest you do. It’s amazing what you will think of when you start writing and if you can’t think of anymore items to add to your list then GOOGLE IT! You think I came up with all of the things on my list on my own?! I’ve used google, ideas from friends, family, other blogs, Instagram, etc.

Bucket list # 5: Go to Thailand [ This one has actually turned into: Travel Asia for about two to three months! ]

end of the year 410
Just a little piece of paradise [Thailand]

Anyways, I’ve been on this “high” to do as many things as possible on my list. Just yesterday I went skeet shooting for the first time, I reckon this wasn’t on my list but you bet I added it on it and crossed it off! I’ve used a gun before but I’ve never handled a shot gun. Boy, I can’t wait to go skeet shootin’ again!

Bucket list # I’m not even sure: Go skeet shootin’

Skeet Shootin' [JW  Corbett]


My bucket list also includes things I have a fear of or have feared. For instance, I am not quite scare of heights; I fear the falling the most. But that hasn’t stopped me, I’ve skydived twice, gone zip lining in Ecuador, done a handstand on the sky deck of the Willis Tower, and I recently took a trapeze class, which I recommend all of you to try out! Next on my list of fears to do is swim with sharks, walk with lions, do a handstand with the help of a wall, bungee jump [originally I took this off my list because I was too scared but I decided to add it back on because WHY NOT?] I just read Feel the fear and do anyway by Susan Jeffers, so I’m going to do it someday, in the later future...

Bucket list # 15: Take a trapeze class

Aerial Trapeze Academy [Royal Palm Beach, FL]

I love having my list and I look forward to accomplishing most, if not all before I die but I also need to remember to live  for today. Life goes by quickly and we never know what may happen tomorrow so learn to appreciate what you have today. I may dream about all my futures adventures but every day when I wake up, I write down or even say to myself what I adore in the present moment. Life can be hard and it will consistently throw struggles your way but stay positive and be happy with the life you are given, no matter what. You can find joy in the smallest of things: in nature, a baby’s laugh, someone’s smile, the smell of food, an old picture with your father, or even writing down your bucket list.

I decided to add yet another one just now.

Encourage someone to start their own bucket list!

If you want to know what else is on my bucket list, you'll just have to keep following my blog! ;)

I want to give gratitude to those that have checked out my blog and all the love I have received from my first post. Being an open book can be a scary thing but I appreciate the support I have gotten. Thank you.

Remember, whoever you are and wherever you are, I appreciate you. Just know that from the other side of your screen I am sending love your way.

Here are some other things that I've crossed off my list....

  • Run the Golden Gate Bridge
  • See the Great Smokey Mountains
  • Go Skydiving
  • Zip line in Ecuador


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