4 ways to handle a conflict @ work

4 ways to handle a conflict @ work

Mar 23, 2018, 11:47:16 PM Business

Here goes another post on business dynamics, focusing on a big issue that all companies face: conflict resolution. Whether we like it or not, conflicts are a common occurrence in companies of any size. Of course, in smaller companies conflicts are less likely to occur, however, if they do happen, they may carry a crucial consequence. For instance, if the conflict happens between the two friends that started the small business together and it may result in the company falling apart. In bigger companies, the conflicts may carry a different character and for completely different reasons such as jealousy, career competition, personal reasons, etc.

So here are a few ideas how to handle conflicts at work:

Confront the problem:  This is by far the hardest way to approach the problem, but this is the most effective way. If you have a conflict with a colleague, try to talk to them first and understand the roots of the issue. If speaking to them does not result in any constructive resolution, bring this to the attention of your superiors. In a good case scenario, the problem will be then confronted by your supervisors and you should be able to have a constructive resolution. In the case, where your superiors do not act or react to your concerns, start thinking of changing your jobs. If nothing happens in the next 3 months, quit and look for something better. Better in a sense where a workplace has a decent HR department that actually cares about the well being of their employees. Happy employees stay with the one company longer.

Communicate: so if confronting the problem is not easy for you, then try to talk about your experience with someone else in your company who had a similar experience or whom you respect and whose opinion you value. When you talk to someone about your issue, you may realise that you overreacted or that perhaps the problem is not as big as you may have thought.

Listen: communication is not about just saying what you feel or experience. It is also about listening to the concerns of the others. Maybe because you were not listening or hearing the other person, there was a minor misunderstanding?

Avoid dealing with your problem, it will be resolved. Some people opt for this approach and in some cases this may actually work. I would not rely on this to be honest, no problem just goes away without any action being taken.

Everyone deals with conflicts in their own way and there is no right or wrong in these situations.

Published by Karina Saakyan

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