5 things I have to learn to accept about myself

5 things I have to learn to accept about myself

Dec 19, 2017, 2:09:07 AM Life and Styles

There comes a time when we realise that we have worked hard to become the people that we are and that there are certain things that whether we like them or not we have to accept and embrace about ourselves. Being at a turning point in my life, I have realised that these are the 7 things that I have to accept and recognise about myself.

Self - respect: It is finally the time that I realise that I am worth something and not just plainly something but worth being with. It is time that I understand that despite my flaws, I am a good peson and have to start putting myself before others for once. It is now time to spend time and let people in that want to be in your life and not just be friends with someone - just to have 500+ connections on facebook. Time to respect your own decisions and own up to them, no space for doubts and insecurity.

1. I am not perfect, but I am good enough: Enough is enough. Why do you always feel like you are not good enough? Being 25 and struggling to know what you want is normal. I have to accept that being who I am and being the way I am should be enough for my friends and loved ones. If you don't see that, no one will hold you on in my life. If I can learn to appreciate you the way you are, you can learn to appreciate me as well.

2. Beauty & Looks: I will always be insecure about my looks and yet I have to accept and embrace my beauty the way it is. Time to stop comparing yourself to the others, setting unrealistic goals and thinking that the others are better than you. Time to look in the mirror and smile towards the person that you are. The beauty is not simply in the looks but more in your personality. Remember that always.

3. ​Mistakes only make me human: Yes, we all make mistakes. It is human and necessary for us to evolve - accept that you will make mistakes along the way and don't be upset for not reaching your targets from the first try.

4. Being who you are is not a crime: I have to stop feeling bad for the being who I am. So what, I like shopping and pretty dresses, love walks in the snow and romanticise every moment of my life. Why is that wrong? or who is to say that my life is boring? Accepting that being who you are is not a crime is one step closer to being more confident in your own life.

In the years of my life, I have grown and have seen personal development. I met people along the way that have helped me see the light when the darkness of the night seemed unbearable. When life has given me lemons, I met people that I know proudly call my friends. I am proud of having friendships that are now lasting for over 10 years and many more years will come. The support system that has never failed me. I am thankful for the people in my life and if I am not as close to them as I was before, perhaps life has only brought us together when we needed each other most.

5. Not everything is your fault: I have to accept that life separates people sometimes for various circumstances and it is not my fault. Things happen in life, tragic things happen, happy things happen, each corner - each turn in your life is as unexpected as first snow. Not everything is your fault and do not take responsibility for something that is merely a series of circumstances.

Published by Karina Saakyan

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