A Letter to my forever person

A Letter to my forever person

Jan 16, 2018, 4:43:23 AM Life and Styles

We often find ourselves in relationships and wish we could have said and shared feelings with our forever person before things get too complicated. I have not yet met my person but here is what I'd like them to know about me:

Dear Forever Person, my person, 

We have not yet met but there a few things you need to know me. I find it extremely hard to let people into my life, so you will have to fight and to prove that you are the real deal. I will tell you my secrets, vent about life but do not mistake that as opening up to you. The day I would really open my heart to you - you would know. You will see it my smile, half smile, and you will read it in my eyes. You need to know that I blindly believe in romance and old fashioned kind of love. The kind of love that has charm and little room for technology. The kind of love, where you call me just because you were bored and wanted to hear my voice. The kind of love, where a walk by the lake is worth a million memories. I still believe in fairy tales, at least they all have a happy ending. I am not the girl that will jump at you because you have money or because I am afraid of being alone. I am not afraid of being alone, remember that. If you hurt me, I will leave - no matter how much it may hurt me back. I will respect you and trust you, I do not believe in love that is jealous or begs for dependence. I will also understand if one day you decide that you are not my forever person. I do not need to be asked and will leave you alone at the first call. You need to know that I have faith and see good in people and I need you to have faith too. Sometimes, I need you to fight for us, for both of us. Details matter to me and I can be sure as hell annoying, but that is who I am. Most importantly, I need you to be there for me and to accept me the way I am, because I know I will be doing that for you. You can't shape me into a box nor can you put me on a pedestal. We have to  be real and yet dream together. I wish I could read this letter out loud, so you can feel the tone of the letter and hear each pause. I do not know when, how or where, we will meet but I know that when I meet you, I will know that you are my forever person.

So see you very soon,


And you, if you had a chance, what would you say to your forever person?

Published by Karina Saakyan

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