All we are is a micro-unit

All we are is a micro-unit

Jan 15, 2018, 3:05:08 AM Life and Styles

We are each a micro unit living in a sphere, where these units meet, work together, fall in love with each other and learn how to be micro-units together. We were born into our own worlds and with time have to realize that the world we live in is bigger than what we thought it was. With time we understand that everything is relative and that certain things like beauty, success, peace, love, etc. cannot be measured or compared. What is normal for one is a complete nonsense for the other. So how do we make it work? How can all these micro-units unite to create the bigger picture that we are more used to calling life?

It is said that we walk into the lives of the people when we are needed most, and that is true. Think about it. Why have you met that particular person at that time? Are you still friends? As a unit we all carry a purpose and sometimes our purpose is to teach or to learn, to give or to take and sometimes our passage in someone's life is temporary - and there is nothing wrong with that. The ones that are meant to stay in our lives will stay, no matter how hard we try to push them away. For the micro-units to function in harmony, we need the chemistry: an inexplicable biological reaction. And with time, our micro-units grow and develop until eventually and hopefully we become who we are supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason and each action leads to a consequent reaction. Sometimes, we think that we have reached that point in life when we know it all. And yet, life throws yet another surprise your way, when you least expect it.

Somewhere along the way, you will meet micro-units that will betray you, deceive you and not appreciate you. It will happen sooner or later and no matter how much you would like to avoid it, it will happen. Why? Because we need to learn that not every smile is sincere and not every handshake means a deal. Tough love and we all have to go through it. And then there will be the micro-units that you will meet and for no apparent reason be attracted to them. These will teach you to love, appreciate each other and overcome any challenges. Ironically, you need both types of micro-units for the world to find its balance. It cannot be perfect but it cannot be a chaos either. It can be and it is a beautiful mess.

So many of us feel lonely and so many of us feel like they will never find their "happiness". The thing is as micro-units, we are in charge of our own emotions. We create happiness just as much as we destroy it, not everyone understands it. Not everyone wants to look into the mirror and see the flaws and face the fears. Ironically, our flaws and fears make us who we are and what we hate about ourselves most - attracts people to us more. Why? Because we are unique in our own way and are interesting in our way.

We come into this world as a micro-unit and what we make of our lives is entirely up to us, because we will leave this place as a micro-unit as well. Make sure you live a life worth remembering.

Published by Karina Saakyan

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