Book romance vs real life romance: is there a difference?

Book romance vs real life romance: is there a difference?

Sep 22, 2016, 12:16:36 AM Creative

"It is the truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife" - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

If you are a book-a-holic like myself, then you'd know precisely why I chose this quote to open my post on romance. Jane Austen has written many novels with romance being one of the major themes in all of them. Ironically, Jane Austen never got married. The author has written about the feelings she has experienced and yet has never really known the life of happy ever after. It is strange how life works out sometimes like that. Like Jane Austen, many contemporary authors, such as Jojo Moyes for instance have written books that inspire us and that for a moment make us believe that true love can be found. That despite the reluctance, prejudice and fear of getting too close to someone, there is someone out there who will change your life so effortlessly that you will start to wonder how you have lived your life before having met that person?

There is a common assumption that girls that have read these books grow to become women that have high expectations of men and well some describe these women as "bitter". It is true that no doubt, these novels give women a hope for higher expectation of a perfect gentleman that will walk into her life. It is also true that these novels inspire girls to have higher standards for the man of her choice. If that means that girls are a little bit too picky at times, is that really such a bad thing? It's a shame men look down at these novels disregarding them, there's definitely a lesson or two they could learn from Mr. Darcy and realise that being proud can hurt you more than you can expect.

Obviously, needless to say that the romance in real life takes a lot of work and effort from both sides and is no sunshine and butterflies all the time. In real life, we have to make time for romance and give it as much priority as we would to our careers. The women today are focused on their career and on the fact that they can be self sufficient, which again given the history is understandable. What I am struggling to get my mind around is when these same women come back crying that there is no man left on this planet? Well, yes because we push them away and in a strange way by being all self sufficient take away the aspect of their masculinity. Of course, a woman should be able to have a career but she should not be replacing a man by no means. Well, perhaps I am just old fashioned this way.

Book romance and romance in real life go in parallel in many ways. We learn a lot from what we read and apply it to real life. We travel in time with the characters of the novels and empathise with their feelings, which makes it easier for us to cope with our own feelings sometimes. It is shame that novels and books are getting underestimated in the digital age of today. There is so much that we can take away from a fictional story and bring to life.  

Today, we are tempted to go watch a film even if the book was written first. We are tempted to believe the screen over the print. Although, the print is more authentic as experience shows: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks, the list is never-ending really. All the films that have derived from the books and have disappointed me slightly. If you haven't read the originals, I strongly advise you re-consider.

I guess what I am saying is that I wish for more fiction in real life and for more romance to give us all more hope and distraction from the reality of the grey days.

Published by Karina Saakyan

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