Romance should never fade

Romance should never fade

Nov 10, 2017, 11:24:03 PM Life and Styles

We live in the world, where romance has taken a new standard, shape and form. Today, we meet people online and we consider a "wink" on Tinder as a gesture of romance. Romance should never fade. No matter how advanced our technology will become in ten, twenty or even  hundred years it should never fade. Romance should always be in the air even if you have been married to your person for years. In your relationship, you should always feel wanted and always have that flirtatious feeling in the air. 

It is a challenge to keep the romance alive but trust me little gestures matter and little signs is all you need to keep it up. If you have been in a long-term relationship or married to someone for a long time, make sure you go out on date nights once a week or once a month. Date night: when it is just you and your person and the rest of the world does not ma tter. Go out for a nice dinner or simply just out for drinks - like it is your first time you have met. A simple advice for men: every now and then show your woman that you appreciate her by getting her flowers or cooking dinner, little details matter.

If you are single and are looking for romance, try to stay away from the online world. Although online dating has its own appeal, I tried it, I know, try to meet someone naturally. And if you have met someone online, don't give in too quickly. Take them out on a few dates: take them bowling, go watch a film, get a drink and let them spoil you a little, impress you. Be spontaneous, send messages - if you want to be with someone and love someone: tell them always, regardless how long you have been in a relationship.

Maybe I am dreaming or maybe romance still exists but I do truly believe that romance should never fade. 

Published by Karina Saakyan

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