Society will judge you anyway, so make it worth their while

Society will judge you anyway, so make it worth their while

Jul 27, 2016, 2:47:53 AM Life and Styles

Today, we live in a world, where books are judged by the cover, people are judged for their looks and society dictates the rules to be followed. Society  tells us what is right and what is wrong and we just blindly follow the unspoken rules. Social media helps us hide behind our status and our popularity is determined by the number of "likes" on Facebook. Our parents and grandparents lived in a world, where people were happier, when people wrote letters to each other and if someone missed you they made a call. Today, people post on your timeline or just tweet to you to let you know they love you and even sometimes, to break up with you. Society considers that there is nothing wrong with that. Isn't there though?

According to the modern rules of the society being a curvy girl is a crime. But hold on, being a skinny girl you are immediately labeled as anorexic. Is there an in-between? Who is the judge of that? What if the curvy girl is happy with her body and is living a life in bliss and doesn't need to be constantly reminded that society today likes the size zero models with heavy make up...On the other hand, you have a skinny girl who gets the looks for being too skinny and is labelled as anorexic immediately. The strange thing is that neither of girls are given the chance to show that there is more to them than their looks as the society has immediately put them into a certain box of labels.

Men suffer from this too. He is dressed well is an indicator of his wealth. Why? What if he has a nice sense of style but doesn't spend his entire salary on clothes? A well dressed man often is labelled as gay, because according to society straight men dress well but don't have a certain quality about them. Another thing is when a man takes a girl out on a first date, if he pays - he is immediately a gentleman, if the bill is split than he is labelled as cheap. Are we really this shallow to jump to all these conclusions without getting to know the person?

If your dress is too short- you are a slut, if too long- you are a prude. So what is the right answer? Why do we have to be labelled and judged for everything we do? If we drink too much we are alcoholics and if we don't drink at all - there must be something wrong with us? 

Personally, I am getting tired of having to think about these unspoken rules that mean nothing to no one. Society may think that it dictates our actions and sets the standards for right and wrong. I for one think if we are going to be judged for what we do or for who we are, we might as well make it worth their while to talk about! At the end of the day, it is our life so who cares what the society thinks...and all that matters is how we'd like to live it, wouldn't you agree?

Published by Karina Saakyan

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