The 5 kind of colleagues you will find @ any workplace

The 5 kind of colleagues you will find @ any workplace

Dec 20, 2016, 12:26:32 AM Business

As the year is coming to close, I thought that before the year ends, there should be at least one more post on work environment. Every single day, we spend 8 hours a week with people that we call "colleagues". If we are lucky enough some of them become our friends and our days become brighter with friendships that we create. At the end of the day, isn't it nice to have a friendly face in the meeting room? Aside from friends, we can come across different types of personalities at work, here is my humble list of types of colleagues you can come across:

The one that becomes a friend: My favourite kind of colleagues. You know you can count on them no matter what, they will help you cover up at work and are always there for you if you need someone to talk to. You have to earn a friendship from a colleague though, most of us just go to work - well for work & pay - so if you can think of a few friends at work, you are one of the lucky ones.

The one that is always bossy: Now this person is not necessarily your boss, manager or supervisor. This is just someone who likes to be bossy regardless of their position. Sometimes, these people think they are also above everyone else and like to give orders just to make a point. Can't avoid them, can't work without them - just have to learn how to deal with them. Advice: use it to your advantage in any team projects.

The one that is a leader: Again, this is not necessarily your manager or a supervisor. One can spot a leader by his/her attitude around others, vision, ideas about projects and the manner of behaving. These people are usually hard to miss and some of them don't even realise they have leadership traits.

The one that is always jealous: Ladies, I am afraid that mainly concerns us - men are rarely jealous. However, competition within female workforce is fierce - particularly if you work in sales and your life depends on commission. Also, if it happens so that you fall in love or fancy a male colleague and would like to take the relationship a step further (which my advice think twice: dating a colleague not a good idea), she can become jealous of the others. Also, women have tendency to not be nice to each other and compete in terms of successes as well.

The one that makes you laugh to tears: Last but not least, there is always that one colleague that no matter the day of the week he/she will make you laugh to tears! These are great people to be around at any given point in time.

So, this concludes very nicely the series of posts on workplace for 2016! With this being said, wish all your colleagues Merry Christmas and come back all refreshed and happy for the next year ahead!


Published by Karina Saakyan

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