Why and what adults should always learn from children?

Growing up we give up our childhood dreams, beliefs and the ability to look at life with laughter and joy. When we grow up we slowly encounter situations in which we find out more about betrayals, corruption, conspiracy and many other real life events that in the eyes of the child would be seen differently. Obviously, at some point we all have to grow up but we should always be reminded of child’s “joie de vivre” and ability to love with all the heart. Thinking about this, I have come up with my list of what and why adults should always learn from children:

  1. Forgiveness: children know how to forgive and forget. As a child we have this ability to forgive even the most hurtful betrayals, painful mistakes and what seems to be stupid behavior of friends. As an adult we forgive less and less, simply because sometimes, forgiveness is somehow seen as a weakness, or it hurts our pride. Next time you have a hard time to forgive someone thing about this - forgiveness builds bridges between broken hearts.
  2. Apology: children also know that to be forgiven you have to apologize. This is something that we learn as kids, but for some reason have this easily forgotten by the time we are adults: why do we think that an apology just as forgiveness is a sign of weakness when in fact it is part of our inner strength?
  3. Creativity: children have no boundaries and their creativity has no limits. Adults have to learn to be more creative, let imagination flow. For some inexplicable reason, the older we become the more we are trying to fit in into some box of rules and regulations, why?
  4. Love: a child loves from his heart and for no reason. Ask your child if he/she loves you or his/her sibling and ask why. They won’t be able to say why, and that is how love should be! Today, adults love each other because their partner has a great job or because they have connections, or because of their higher social status. However, I am a true believer that if you love someone truly, you love them for no reason, you love them just because you feel it in every bone of your body.
  5. Friendship: children know what a true friendship really means. Adults are often driven by jealousy, misunderstandings, loose love triangles that drive friends miles away. Cherish friendships that you made as a child, these are the ones that would last with you for a lifetime.
  6. Hope, Belief & Faith: lastly, children always have hope, faith and belief in better. They don’t question the meaning of life but instead enjoy it as it comes and live each day to the fullest. Personally, I feel like some adults are lacking hope and faith – something we could learn from our kids, don’t you think?


Published by Karina Saakyan


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