Happy New Year 2017 :)


Hi guys, how are you?


Last year I also became a collaborator of My Trending Stories, but I did not post much, this year will be different, I will be more frequent here and I hope to make many friends and readers.


Today I came to talk about this new year 2017.


First, I'm going to tell you how it's the turn of the year here in Brazil,
yes I'm Brazilian :) (and Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish :) rsrs)

As the birth of Christ is celebrated, families come together to make Christmas dinner, exchange gifts, talk, and evaluate the year. Parents, uncles, grandparents, everyone who had not seen for a long time ...

In the New Year:


The family usually divides, some stay at home watching (Show da Virada) is a special program of year end, traditional in my country, others stay at home more have a party, some travel and usually these trips are to the beach , The majority of the population likes to enter the year on the beach, there are families that make supper on the beach, take the food, tables and chairs and wait for the year to enter the year, I will spend the year at the beach with a part of the family of the my boyfriend.

The number of population of my city is approximately 2 609 716 hab.

And the expectation of people for the turn of the year on the beach was more than 1 000 000 people, being 500 thousand tourists only .

Here the city hall invests in the show of the turn at the beach to leave the city more attractive and also in the fireworks that were of 17 minutes.


Here are some superstitions such as:

Skip the Seven Waves:

After the turn making seven wishes, because the sea is associated with purification, it is more necessary to jump facing the sea if the opposite will bring bad luck.


Eat 12 grapes during turn:

Each one represents a month of the year and your taste tells how the month will be, if the fifth grape that coincides with the month of May is sweet your month will be good, plus if it is bitter your month may be a bit bad.


Wear white:

White represents a desire for peace.


Now that I have spoken of my country, I will speak a little about myself.

In 2017 I've started with some internal changes, when you want to change something, you better do it from the inside out.

I have some plans in mind and I wish to fulfill everyone, to be a better person every day, to be more frequent here in My Trending, (to improve my English for now I still use the translator so if some things in the text go wrong, it is not my fault :) ) Rs RS

I wish each of you a lot of peace, that this year is better for everyone, and that the world is a place of love.



Happy New Year,


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Alisa Smith May 27, 2021, 12:44:04 PM

Thanks for sharing this..!

There's always something to wonder about the new year in Brazil, and here you covered everything!


Nevertheless, organizing a gathering of friends and colleagues is one of the best ways to welcome the new year. If you want everyone to join in, you can design an online new year banner to invite them all and share it online. I had made an excellent impression with this!

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