17 Things To Do More This 2017

17 Things To Do More This 2017

Simple things for a better life this year! It's all about the little things, aye.

1. Wake up before sunrise.

Push yourself to wake up before the rest of the world. Wake up at 5:30 am. Drink your coffee, sip your tea. Stretch. Go up to the nearest hill, and watch the sunrise.

2. Talk to strangers.

Start a conversation and share your stories. Ask for advice and be amused by what strangers have to say; genuine words that are not prejudiced by the knowledge of who you are and your past.

3. Create.

Play instruments; create your own music and sing to your own melodies. Dance into every beat, feel every move. Write. Draw. Paint. Color outside the lines. Express. Make. Make. Make.

4. Read.

Buy books and read and read and read. Allow yourself to imagine and live in a world of endless possibilities.

5. Watch.

Spend some time to watch news, documentaries, TV series of every single genre. Go the cinema and watch a movie with a crowd and laugh, or cry, be moved together. Entertain yourself and learn a few lessons.

6. Travel.

Start off by exploring your own little town and be surprised of all the beautiful things that surround you. Then go to the nearest cities, go for a three-hour international flight until you get to go across the world. Stop by coffee shops and visit museums.

7. Watch the sunset.

It’s just lovely. It’s always lovely.

8. Take more pictures.

Get yourself a camera take pictures. Lots and lots. Create moments and keep the memories in a photograph.

9. Eat healthier.

We all hate to think that we are ‘restricted’. That we have to sacrifice what we love, or what we are used to. Get rid of that mentality by focusing more on adding rather than cutting off. Add more whole foods on your diet, vegetables, fruits, snack on nuts then slowly get decrease your consumption of processed foods. Take your time. Buy your own groceries and make a habit of cooking for yourself.

10. Go for a walk.

With your pet, or by yourself. Bring your headphones and turn on your music. Cherish the fresh air. Observe. Smile at strangers and be amazed by the number of smiles back.

11. Make your bed.

It takes less than a minute and it’s going to make your day more organised and put together. It’s easy. Just do it.

12. Compliment more.

Compliment people on their clothes. Or tell them that they have a beautiful and contagious smile. Challenge yourself to appreciate more than to ridicule.

13. Meditate.

Spend at least five minutes to think about nothing and take your mind off the stress and all the negative vibes.

14. Make a call.

Ring your family and your friends. Tell them that you are grateful, that you appreciate them. Take time to tell them how much you care.

15. Take your time.

Don’t rush. Give yourself all the time you need. Take a break.

16. Do what you love and love what you do.

Passion. Eagerness. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you are doing things willingly.

17. Make things happen.

Remember that trip you planned? That dancing class you want to go to? That dream job you always wanted? Those new year’s resolutions that you always that never really resolved? Well, it is time now. Change your mentality, be positive, live the moment, be inspired. Save money for that trip, book that dancing class, study and work hard for that dream job, motivate yourself and achieve all your goals. Stop doubting and holding back. Make things happen!

- karla

Photo by: Chenghao Lee

Published by Karla Padilla

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