6 best places to settle in Portugal

6 best places to settle in Portugal

Jul 24, 2017, 6:48:11 PM Life and Styles

While responding to the query as how to get Portugal citizenship, it’s also important knowing about the best places where you may reside after moving in the country. Portugal is all ornate, colourful and drenched in tradition that’s all very filling. Here’s a list of best places in the country to find a living!

1.     Forte de Sao Joao da Barra, Algarve

If you think of Algarve as overdeveloped, the 17th century sea fort in all its restored glory would definitely let you rethink! Nestled peacefully in an olive grove, the place’s easily accessible with a convenient 10-minute drive from the beautiful fishing village of Cabanas. On passing through the grand castle gates, you’ll enter a world where tranquillity and peacefulness have a new meaning!

The traditional rooms on the castle itself alongside the designer rooms and neatly festooned lounges oversee a large grassy courtyard whereas service is simply outstanding. A swimming pool is innovatively built inside the premises where you can enjoy breakfast while overseeing the nature reserve of Ria Formosa.

2.     Pousada Sao Felipe, Setúbal

Taking the castle theme on a much grander scale, this spectacular fort is located on the hilltop, built by the Spanish in the 16th century. Perhaps the best view is the area that looks over across the Sado bay, other than its praiseworthy restaurant and terrace.

While the rooms are built with a modern touch and latest features, the feel of you being inside the castle is unmistakable with thick walls whereas some of the rooms are carved out of former prisoner cells.

The drive to the hills of Parque Natural da Arrábida is short and dramatic whereas arriving at the place would introduce you to some of the most idyllic beaches in all the country.

3.     Residencial Santos, Beiras

When in Portugal, never put down a simple and inexpensive guesthouse that has a character by the bucket load! It’s stunningly beautiful and ingeniously built into a slice of medieval town wall. Rising above 1,000 metres in altitude, Guarda is the highest and historic border town in Portugal that’s worth appreciating from the roof terrace of Residencial Santo’s. From here, you can gaze at the amazing plains spanning towards Spain in a single direction whereas Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela in its entire wilderness lie on the other side.

4.     Navio Gil Eanes, Minho

Yet another budgeted and memorable option is Navio Gil Eanes following a major renovation. The bedding experience in the compact cabins of a former hospital ship is unlike anything. It’s now moored to the docks of Viana de Castelo and among Portugal’s most amazing coastal towns to the north. The ship was built in the 1950s for the fishermen where they received medical care but today, it serves as a floating museum dedicated to the noble cause.

5.     Pousada de Viseu, Beiras

It’s yet another former hospital now transformed in one of the most magnificent places to stay in Portugal! Built in the year 1793, the hospital turned into a first-class hotel in 2009. Rooms are gathered around enormous covered convent; a dramatic space now serves for a variety of purposes and an upbeat bar. Right on the doorstep is the amazing Viseu from where you can access some of the best features in all Portugal.

6.     Vila Gale Albacora, Algarve

For Portuguese, fishing has always been a mainstay and the grand Vila Gale Albacora just outside Tavira was once a lively village and market of tuna fishermen. The historical buildings have been renovated into an eco-friendly hotel with a giant swimming pool!


Once you’re clear with how to get Portugal citizenship, choose one of the above places to find a settlement that you won’t ever regret!

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Do you think that fewer people will start emmigrating to places like Portugal and Spain due to increasing cost of living, and challenges with things like pensions, healthcare etc. (example https://www.worldfirst.com/uk/blog/your-money/living-abroad/moving-to-spain/)? Also the impact that Brexit is likely to have for UK expats.

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