Why Email Marketing in Mobile App Development is Important for Your Business

Why Email Marketing in Mobile App Development is Important for Your Business

Feb 15, 2019, 8:06:02 PM Business

Imagine! You create a fantastic app, and it passes without considerable notice.

You put all of your efforts into an app development process; your app contains tremendous features still it hits bottom. How would you feel?

Instead of addressing the main concern, you’ll concentrate more on finding the loopholes in your app. Well, marketers usually pay little to no attention to their marketing strategy after having designed a unique app.

If this is something, you can relate to, congrats you are not alone in the lane. Plenty of app owners pay no attention to their marketing strategy. We are surely not ignoring the fact that push notifications do work. But the question is what about those who have disabled their push notifications?

In such a case, what strategy would you opt for? The answer is Email marketing. It’s not something new to your ears, but yes it is something that you have been neglecting for quite a lot of time. Saying that email marketing is dead or people don’t pay attention to their emails look crunchy in illusion. The reality shares no relationship with such ideas.

Don’t you check your email in the morning?

Even the Jetsetters can’t deny it. Before opening Facebook or Twitter, most of the people prefer checking their emails as you never know when something important pops in. If most of us are so concerned about checking the emails, it goes without a second thought that email marketing still belongs to the clan of effective marketing tools.

The top-notch app development companies are aware of the fact that email marketing is the perfect tool that ensures the app success.

A little about email marketing

Email marketing is a way of communicating with your user via electronic email. It is done to build a relationship with the users, informing about the products or for encouraging users to take action.

A massive number of people say that email marketing is no more as the arrival of social media has wiped it off from the market. Well, such statements belong to the rural land, they share no relationship with today’s truth. The top players in mobile app development are using email marketing to promote app downloads. Wondering, why app development companies count on email marketing? Here are a few reasons for it:

  • You can track the accurate ROI
  • Reaching masses is easier with email
  • Email marketing allows app development companies to reach out to their customers with personalized messages.
  • It’s easy to access email on cell phones; now people hardly use the desktop for it.

Facts & Figures

Here comes the self-explanatory evidence. According to Statista,

In 2017, global e-mail users amounted to 3.7 billion users. This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2022.

The graph isn’t going to come down, it is rising and will continue to rise. The statistics are enough to comb your brain regarding the future of email marketing. All the rumours will stop in mid-air and will vanish with the increase of e-mail users.

Should you consider e-mail marketing?

Are you still sceptical regarding integrating email marketing into your app development process? Find the convincing reasons below to clear the haziness.

Affordable options with massive returns

Every penny you spend on email marketing is worth it as it brings results on the table. The days are over when the TV ads, dinner mats, or banners used to serve the purpose. The conventional methods of marketing never offered you control over who sees it, who doesn’t. Similar isn’t the case with email marketing. You spend less amount on it, and you reap thousands of benefits. Your voice reaches to a wider audience.

You can plan your email marketing strategy for the pre-launch and post-launch of your app and can encourage a huge number of people to download your app.

It is easy to track the effectiveness

The problem with the conventional methods of marketing is that they give you less room for tracking and monitoring the message. You never know how many people notice your message and how many of them ignore it. The best thing about email marketing is that with the help of special software, it is easy for you to track and monitor the emails. The analytics offer you a deep insight related to the retention rate, open rate and click rate of the email.

If you observe that something is off with the emails and users are not opening it, you can make the changes and encourage users to open your email.

Reach the mass market

Email marketing helps in reaching the mass market. You can deliver a message to the far-flung land and can encourage people to take the desired action. Now, you must be thinking that this is something social media offers you as well. Agreed! It does. However, the drawback is that you can’t figure out who has read your message and who hasn’t.

App development companies favour email marketing not only for the reason that it helps them in reaching the masses but also for the reason that it allows them to monitor and track emails.


Emails are shareable

One of the most convincing reasons for using email marketing is that emails are easily shareable. If your users like your app, they can share your email with their people. Within a matter of a few taps, your customer can send that email to friends and family. As a result of which you experience a boost in the number of app downloads.

The bottom line

Test, learn, improve and repeat!

Email marketing is no more; it is dead; all such statements have already faded, credit goes to the staggering graph of Statista. The reasons presented above are convincing enough for you to integrate it into your app development process. Try playing with multiple layouts, colours, call to actions and see what works in your favour.

If you are planning to make an app, don’t forget to include email marketing in the app development process so that you leave nothing untracked or untapped.


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