My Bioware Heartbreaks

My Bioware Heartbreaks

Sep 16, 2016, 12:00:00 PM Opinion

This is a post I've been needing to post for a while. I held off though until I at least played through the first two Mass Effect games so I could feel some Shepard feels too.


It was bad enough having to pick between Hawke and Alistair in the fade, accidentally letting Alistair die in my first Origin's play through because I didn't do Morrigan's ritual and having to murder Carth because he thought I went to the dark side. Now that I'm finished with ME2 I've lost Kaiden(my Carth 2.0), Jack, Grunt, Legion and Mordin! No one told me I needed to spend endless hours upgrading my ship and amour or all my faves would DIE! Where are my gamer friends. huh? WHERE ARE YOU?

After my first two play throughs for KOTOR I learned my lesson and managed to save both Carth and Bastilla. I followed a walk through for KOTOR 2 so I wouldn't loose anyone and make good choices and I've done fairly well in Old Republic though I haven't gotten too far into the main story line--so many side quests! I tried to trick Malak into thinking I would join him again so I could stab him in the back because he's a freaking turd blossom and then Carth is just like "I trusted you! How could you!" and leaves me on the Leviathan then shows up on the star forge. Bastilla was all like "I'll kill him for you," but no, I tried SO HARD to make things right but I had to kill him. I KILLED HIM. I also was playing with a mod so of course when I tried to play the game again I ended up killing Bastilla and both myself and Carth died. I tend to walk the line between good and evil--I do not think that was a good choice.

When I picked up Dragon age I never thought I'd fall so hard--not after KOTOR--but I did. Kat fell HARD. Then I was so wrapped up in keeping Alistair and Lelianna happy, Sten and Morrigan hated me in the end. I never even got Sten's personal quest. *sobs* Also, because I'm a naturally salty person I picked dialogue options that reflected my personality and became quite the violent little warden. I didn't even let Alistair kill Logain, I wanted the glory ALL TO MYSELF. And because of my pride, my sweet Alistair died. HE FUCKING DIED. That was three hours of my life that I spent replaying the end of the game to fix my mistakes.

Let's not even discuss when Isabelle left me in Kirkwall in DA2. I really thought we were getting along then I get this little letter that broke my heart! Then there was the whole Anders and Fenris thing. I didn't mean to let them both fall in love with me, it just sort of happened. They fought the whole game, then when Fenris left me Anders stepped in with his incredibly charming self and well I'm sure you can guess how Fenris felt about that. That took a lot of reloading to fix that fuck up.

AND THEN I spent 100+ hours on Inquisition, make it to Trespasser after everything that happened in the Fade (Hake is alive dammit, she is one scrappy MoFo) AND FUCKING SOLAS. Like here I am dying while running through these mirror things, my companions are flipping out because I'm crying out in pain all the time but I refuse to go back and there he is in his wolfy get up looking all sad and innocent. I'm so glad I didn't romance him.. this is why I play as a human the first time. The look on Cullen's face was heartbreaking when I fell over in our new war room, then Dorian had to go on and keep telling me to "hold on" like the dear friend he is. It was one heartbreaking scenario after another.

So I decide to play Mass Effect. Everything is going good. Because Carth Onasi's voice actor was Kaiden's voice actor I romanced him, we had a wonderful cut scene and I kicked some major ass. I mean, I had to choose Kaiden or Ashley that one time, but Ashley got on my nerves so I wasn't too upset about her dying. I used Spock logic and she died fighting, which is what she wanted. Mass Effect 2 gets downloaded the next day and I die twenty minutes in, break my entire crew's heart then wake up two years later covered in scars with robots shooting at me. Not cool. I finally find Kaiden and HE LEAVES ME! But I have it's okay, yea? NO, NOT OKAY! I have Kaiden's picture on my desk... WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Like, I don't even want to play ME3 because I know what happens (I read up on the game prior to buying it so I could decide to play renegade or paragon even though I still ended up being in the middle). But now I know what to do in my new ME2 play through to save EVERYONE in ME3.

Somehow I screwed up a conversation with Jack that I couldn't rectify and she died because she wasn't loyal to me no matter how hard I tried to make her like me again. No one told me Grunt would die if I had him lead the second team and poor Legion didn't even make it off the Normandy 2. Mordin died on the way off the reaper ship which was just uncalled for, he's too adorable for death! I'm playing ME2 again before I start ME3, I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't try and save my crew.

BIOWARE what are you doing? Or more like, why are you doing this? My soul just can't take it! Now you leave us in the dark about Andromeda AND DA4 with all of this heart break and disdain. Where do you get off breaking young girls hearts like that? As a writer, death makes for good stories but please leave that to JK Rowling and give someone a happy ending for Andraste's sake! And please don't make me kill anymore companions.You go through all of that trouble, make me love these characters then rip them from my life.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. But then again you make fantastic games so I guess just keep doing what you do--just know that Kat is watching you.

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