Choose Right Wood Floor for Your Restaurants in Utah

Choose Right Wood Floor for Your Restaurants in Utah

Many factors have to be set up properly to run the restaurant business. One of the vital factors which determine the success of the business is the visual appeal of the place. Wood is predominantly used in restaurant flooring because of its elegance. It possesses the ability to steal the limelight and stand exceptionally. The aesthetic appearance alone doesn’t matter. It is essential for you to carry out extensive research to identify the appropriate type of wood floors which would withstand the excessive usage of restaurant floors. It is imperative for you to consider the durability you would achieve from the floor as well. The wood flooring should ensure the utmost safety and the ease of installation plays a vital role in deciding the suitable type of floor. Many restaurants have adopted wood flooring in Utah. There are two types of wood flooring widely used. Let’s perceive the pros and cons of floorings to choose the appropriate floor.


Solid Hardwood Flooring

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This type of flooring is extremely durable compared to that of engineered wood. It has the ability to endure more foot traffic without any trouble. Hence, this is predominantly used in hallways and dining rooms of restaurants. But maintaining it might be complicated. If the food or drink spills, it has to be tidied up instantly. Otherwise, it would cause stains on the floor. The floor will get damaged if water spills on it regularly. You will end up replacing the floor altogether. Therefore, these floors shouldn’t be used in the bathrooms, bars or kitchens. Consistent maintenance is required to maintain the elegance of the floor. It is equally significant for you to determine the appropriate finish to sustain its durability. Lacquer is a finish in which an additional layer would sit on the hard floor. This layer could be replaced with ease if there was any damage. The underlying hardwood floor would retain the aesthetic appearance. Oil-based finishes are used to make the floor shiny enhancing its look. It can be used as a method to make the floor water-resistant as well.


Engineered Wood Flooring

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This type of flooring will definitely enhance the beauty of the place. It is more stable compared to that of solid hardwood flooring. It can withstand changes to temperature and humidity. It can get rid of all the problems which arise because of the moisture. Hence, it is widely used in bars, kitchens, and bathrooms. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the floor. You will be able to maintain the floor effortlessly. The maintenance cost of engineered wood flooring is extremely less. It is quite durable, but it is not as much as solid wood flooring. You might have to consider installing thick veneers to increase the durability. This would be an expensive choice to make. It is critical for you to use high-quality wood underneath to increase the durability. Overall, it would increase the cost of installation. 


Bottom Line

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When you choose the flooring, it is important for you to consider the performance you could possibly achieve. You need to consider the cost incurred to install and maintain the floor as well. Durability is the most important thing to be considered while choosing the floor. You can achieve tremendous durability by using hardwood. The hardwood flooring in Utah is quite popular because of the very same reason. Safety features of each type of floor should be examined before installation. You can use the mix of solid hardwood and engineered wood in the restaurant flooring to unleash the full benefits of flooring. This would allow you to achieve the design of the restaurant within your budget as well. 

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