Top 5 Reasons To Add Liquid Vitamins To Your Daily Food Habits

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Top 5 Reasons To Add Liquid Vitamins To Your Daily Food Habits

May 10, 2022, 5:48:34 PM Life and Styles

Vitamin supplements have become a requirement in recent years, since our lifestyles have grown far more sedentary than they were twenty years ago. Our diets are also deficient in several essential nutrients and are high in fats and sweets, which impede nutrient absorption. However, practically everyone is accustomed to taking supplements in the form of tablets and capsules, and anything less may appear inadequate.

What if we told you that vitamin spray supplements are more effective than pills and capsules, and that this claim is supported by research?

It can also be a godsend for parents who struggle to get their children to take vitamin supplements. These sprays help ensure that children not only take but also enjoy their vitamins.

Vitamin Sprays: What Are They?

Vitamin sprays are liquid vitamins that are highly concentrated and packaged in bottles. These are sprayed directly into the mouth. They're also known as buccal sprays or sublingual sprays because they're sprayed on the tongue and absorbed through the buccal mucosa. Vitamin D3 and Multivitamin Sprays are the most widely available vitamin sprays on the market.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin Sprays?

Vitamin sprays are packaged in compact vials that are easy to transport. They don't always appear like vitamin supplements, and they certainly don't look like pharmaceuticals. It is beneficial to those who dislike taking medicines.

Simply spray the appropriate quantity into your mouth, and the droplets will be absorbed through the tongue and inner cheek and lip walls. Because the inner walls of the mouth are lined with blood vessels, vitamins reach the bloodstream quickly and are activated, allowing absorption to begin.

Unlike tablets, which must first pass via the oesophagus to reach the stomach, where they are only half absorbed across the intestinal mucosa, vitamin sprays are virtually totally absorbed immediately and with no waste.

Vitamin sprays ensure that the vitamins you eat are absorbed into your bloodstream rather than being just 40-60% absorbed like tablets/capsules and the rest being eliminated. It's also a good approach to supplement vitamins for kids and people who have problems with diarrhoea, leaky gut syndrome, or other gut absorption concerns.

Is it true that vitamin sprays are superior to pills and tablets?

Yes! Vitamin sprays are far superior to tablets and pills.

Apart from their efficiency, there are a number of other reasons why vitamin sprays could be added to your daily diet.

Consumption is easier

Children are sometimes picky about taking medicines, or they may have difficulty swallowing them. Vitamin sprays are easier to take because you only have to spray them in your mouth and don't have to swallow anything. It's also easier to get kids to take them because they don't appear like medicines.

Better Flavor

The majority of vitamin sprays have a fruity flavour, which appeals to both children and adults. This will prevent fishy or acidic burps and a mineral taste in your mouth, which are common when taking vitamin capsules or pills. The fruity flavour also eliminates the unpleasant sensation of taking medicine, making the procedure of taking vitamins much more enjoyable.

Increased Absorption

Gel capsules often take 15 minutes to dissolve, whereas tablets take 45 minutes. The vitamins gradually enter the bloodstream after this breakdown. There is no need to break down vitamins with vitamin sprays. Absorption begins as soon as you spray the vitamin into your child's mouth.

Bioavailability has improved

Unlike vitamin tablets and capsules, where the majority of the vitamins are flushed away, vitamin sprays have a higher bioavailability since they enter the bloodstream and begin to absorb immediately.

Gelatin or other binding agents are employed in the formulation of capsules and tablets to give them their shape, but they are not strictly necessary. Switching to vitamin sprays, which are basically a highly concentrated form of the vitamins with some non-harmful added flavour, can eliminate all of them. When selecting vitamin sprays, avoid those that contain artificial flavours and colours.

Pill Exhaustion

Pill weariness happens when a person takes so many pills that they become weary from the process. So, if your child currently requires several of them for other reasons, feeding them one more may be challenging. This is where vitamin sprays come in as a non-traditional approach that still provides all of the vitamins they require.


As you can see, vitamin sprays are just as effective as capsules and tablets, plus they offer a lot more advantages. Because most children are picky eaters, you may find it difficult to ensure that your children take their vitamins through capsules. Vitamin sprays can help in this situation. They are tasty, effective, and even appealing to children. If you haven't tried oral vitamin sprays yet and haven't seen the results, check out VIIT Science. The nicest thing about our vitamin sprays is that they are 100% natural and include no synthetic components.

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