Minimalism: What's in my bag

Minimalism: What's in my bag x2

Minimalism: What's in my bag

Jul 2, 2016, 7:00:00 AM Life and Styles

Just as for any other areas in my life, I like to keep my bag as simple as possible. Today I'll be telling you about what I keep in my bag to make it as useful and as minimal as possible. Let's begin.

1. Water:need to have water with me, no matter where I go. I usually buy a cheap 1L bottle of water and refill it at home, keeping  it with me at all times.

2. Wallet: In my wallet I have my ID, money, a card from my favorite coffee shop and I sometimes stick a few sticky notes in there if I really need to remember something.

3. Hygene/Emergency kit: I need to have wet wipes, tissues, band-aids and my pills with me all the time. I keep all of these in a tiny little bag so that I have them all in one place and they don't get lost in my bag or something.

4. Headphones: Because those who are in love with music need to have headphones in their bag. It's a must.

5. Keys: I just have to, or else I'd get locked out of my apartment.

6. Gum: Because having *smelly* breath in the morning after rushing out of the house never had an easier cure.

You guessed it, that's it. A minimal, light-weight and useful bag full of supplies. What do you have in your bag? Comment down below. Until next time, chillax!

Published by Kate Georgescu

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