Can I define my style…?

Can I define my style…?

First you try many different kind  of photography… you do landscapes, portraits, HDR, macro, night, golden hours, B&W, composites…

Supposedly after sometime when you do photography, you are finding your style, or style finds you…. Its like style of your clothing or home decor.  Some people can have a look on pictures and they know who made them. I asked myself do I have my style?…. and hmm I thought maybe its not so clear like with my clothing style, but then I reviewed my favorite clothes and went through pictures and well I must admit there is something…

Not sure if that is a style to be proud of or thats what is going to make me famous ;-) but yes my style is probably a bit of Ktisch( you might see me wearing my colorful leggins  or pink pants combine with very blue jacket bought in a supermarket), and  yes for example I used blue ribbon with white dots for baby’s boy photo session. card 2 mniejsze

Maybe its a bit of a happy childish style (oh that fake rainbow that I put in Photoshop into B&W image) with a little bit of chaotic imperfection ( like my writing far from literacy perfection) and humor (yes,  I asked my model to put his finger in the nose and I photographed it)

watch your manners mniejsze

Of course I look through many pictures of other photographers and I look for inspiration but I’ve never copied  exact picture, I rather do my ideas, even though sometimes not all work the way I thought… and sometimes they aren’t super creative. That’s life.

What kind of pictures are do the most? Very likely portraits, especially kids. Beside the frustration of getting good pictures of active kids, I like run around and chase them as I like to be active, and I like to catch kids in action. Waiting somewhere for hours to get nice pictures of the wildlife might be just not for me…maybe not in that stage of life. But I sometimes like quiet, little less active  moments in the studio to photograph some objects.

So as I write about it, here is my tackiness fun  with pictures, I put  a baby in a bucket, not in reality  though, as this bucket might just probably fit only for baby’s foot. And oh well, I couldn’t resist to put that wooden wall behind, a must to have in a studio for lots of photographers…

marcelek cute logo mniejsze

and put somebody or something in it…

if you try please share  your results ;-)

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