If only I knew the things I know now and I could go back in time and redo it over again…

If only I knew the things I know now and I could go back in time and redo it over again…

How many times when we revise our life we could not resist from thinking that we could make different choices and do things other way… But  also is the truth that we need a lessons to learn so we can do better in future. With photography when you go trough first pictures or even recent pictures you see that you could do things better. When comparing first pictures  to last ones you can see, that you’ve learn something, you develop, you actually better now, you compose other way and edit images smoother. With recent ones its just shaping and see even more things that you can master.

With life, well we can’t go back in time but with images, we can had a look on pictures did some time ago and edit them differently, have other idea for recreating that picture so its scored better in our and others eyes.

Like I had a look on this image:IMG_3832 mniejsze

I submitted the image to the contest and I it didnt get many votes so I thought I really like this picture, I need to show those emotions, relationship between mom and child, I wanted emphasized  little one eyes. So after it look like that


Here is another example of picture  I went back to few times:lawka

I liked this picture already, there was so melancholic mood in it, but I thought hmm lets change in B&W:


The tree on left side bothered me a bit, it was right in the middle of the view… So I tried to get rid of it and made the view look more cloudy and foggy. When I did it I kind of found it,  a bit empty, so I thought  I need something. So I put rainbow:lawka-3

And I called this image:”After every storms comes a rainbow”, because that’s how I feel about this image.


Some days you might think… that you stuck, that you not getting better, not learning enough,dont have enough creative ideas…

But then think about you life, made a list in you head, how much you went through, how many things you have done so far. If you think you haven’t then ring ring ring, your bell is ringing time to change that. Have a look on your pictures from the beginning, and you will see, you did a lot…. I’d love to master Photoshop, and know better other software, have more time for doing photography, have a better equipment, visit more interesting and beautiful places, have a wonderful big studio, have always amazing ideas…nice models. Do I feel bad that is not happening… probably sometimes, as I’m Polish and Polish people have that curse that they tent to be professional and perfect right from beginning they dont want showing anything between and be proud of their learning process, and we always complain that isn’t going to work and we aren’t confident enough.

Truly most of things happen step by step (unless you win lottery then yes it is one sudden strike) even sometimes very small steps but yes you moving forward, if you only want to, you are getting better even if you feel you.

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