A Detailed Guide On Availing Brake Services for Your Car

A Detailed Guide On Availing Brake Services for Your Car

Feb 26, 2018, 3:04:12 PM Business

Brakes are an important asset to your vehicle because they ensure your safety. Without the brakes being functional, it is impossible to get a control on your speeding vehicle and may, also, result in an accident. It requires periodical check-up and repairs for maintaining the vehicles.

A lot of people, often, tend to ignore the brake's condition even after they hear frequent squeaky noise emanating from the vehicles. One needs to be aware of the fact that as soon as you start facing issues with the brakes, it is the time you visit the mechanic for the brake services.

The brakes of the vehicles are repaired, greased, or reinstalled depending on their current condition. A thorough inspection of the vehicle is conducted to ascertain the actual problems, pertaining to the brakes. Later on, the brake services are provided in accordance with the results to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The brake services are generally done in these five phases.

  1. Inspection: - The inspection is done by the mechanic to find out the real issue with the brakes. Sometimes, it is just due to the lack of grease in the wires, but sometimes the brakes become loose, thereby, causing less friction to stop the vehicles. In case of outwearing, the whole brake pad needs to be installed in place of the older one.
  2. Dismounting the brake pads: - Once the inspection is done, the real work begins. The brake pads now need to be dismounted and then replaced with a new one. In order to do that, you need to loosen the lugs and remove the wheel. You can see the brake calipers attached to the brake rotors. That’s where you'll find the brakes located on the calipers. Be careful in dissembling the calipers as one whole unit and then, replace the brakes with a new one. Do not forget to check the calipers and rotors for any damage. Usually, they last long without any damage, but it is good to ascertain their functionality.
  3. Fixing the brake discs and rotors: - Brake services also include the most important part of the braking system i.e., brake discs and rotors. This is where the required friction is created in a vehicle when the brakes are pressed. In order to make the vehicle stop efficiently and create sufficient friction, the rotors must be in good condition. In case of cuts and uneven marks on the rotors, it needs to be replaced for ensuring the smooth functioning of the braking system.
  4. Assemble it in the right way: - Once you're done with your brake service, make sure that the parts are all assembled back properly and fitted in their place. Check the screws and tighten the brakes according to the requirements.

This is the general way of brake servicing which is quite easier and can be performed by individuals at home. But, in order to maximize the precision, it is advisable to seek the help of a mechanic. Getting the brake service from mechanics can save your time and ensure quality work.

Brake services are not a costly affair as you'll find the charges with a lot of mechanics to be quite inexpensive. You might need to pay some extra bucks for the new equipment used to replace the older ones, although, even they are inexpensive.

So, next time when you hear that creepy squeaky noise every time you hit the brake pads, make sure you immediately plan a visit to a mechanic to get the servicing done. Spending a little amount of money can ensure your safety. Hence, be wise and do not compromise on this important aspect. 

Published by Kate Westall

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