Career Versus Relations: What Makes You Happy?

Career Versus Relations: What Makes You Happy?

Jan 2, 2019, 4:24:45 PM Life and Styles

Every modern woman regularly faces this choice. We are hurrying up to achieve a decent job position, prosperity and recognition in society. Unfortunately, the trend tells us that you should take care of yourself, create yourself, and the relations will follow. The world has changed. Women think like men, cultivating courage and inflexibility. Why is it happen? Is it good? When have we lost our women features?

Once Lady Gaga said: “Some women are chasing men, while others – their dreams. If you are at a crossroad, remember: your career will not wake up one morning to say that it does not love you anymore.”  She is right and every woman knows that. Nowadays, it is very difficult to be confident in someone. Consequently, men lose their interest in such women and seek a lovely company on adult hookup sites.

Now people marry many times and live in a civil marriage. In fact, they simply do not want to choose and take responsibility. As women`s main missions are “keeping the family hearth”, raising children, creating comfort, supporting her husband, and doing household chores - we are not able to do it in such uncertainty. How can you maintain the family fire, when you are not completely sure in your partner?

Married to a Career

Making a career is a very interesting process. We make money, and it makes us feel successful. However, the truth is that we are not seeking a successful career, but for independence from men. This is how self-preservation instinct works. We understand that we have none to rely on. We initially aim to be completely independent. Nevertheless, we understand that lonely, but very successful women, in the depths of their souls, are completely unhappy.

I Need You

People are breaking down all the prescriptions themselves. We forget about the nature of good relations: a man needs to feel his importance, and a woman needs to feel secure. These are our basic needs. This is exactly what can make us happy people. What is happening now is not a positive trend at all. We teach each other new mechanisms of behavior and, possibly, the situation will soon change radically. The more women fight for emancipation, the harder is for men to be men in this world. What can they give to a strong and independent woman? Women fight for men, not men for women. Women earn money but have already forgotten how to maintain household chores.

What Should We Do?

Do not turn into men. Leave a place in your life for a strong man. Do not lose your feminine. Do not be afraid to be weak. We are different, and it is time to admit it. We do things with love because love lives in us from birth. We want to give it someone; we want to make the world around us brighter. Perhaps, one day you will meet a decent man to live long happily after.

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