How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

Mar 18, 2019, 6:40:31 PM Business

Blocked drains are common problems that can occur in your home anytime without any prior notice. At times it becomes the reason for embarrassment to manage such problems when guests are present. A quick and effective solution is needed at home without even have to call the plumber in such situations. Applying some natural process, you can clean your blocked drains easily.

You are always not required to use chemical cleaners. Toxic chemicals not only can spread germs but can also dilute into your water source and create some poisonous effects in your drinking water sources as well. So, to avoid the impact of such harmful chemicals, you can follow some natural process to clean your drains.

First, let us understand why drains become blocked or clogged.


Reasons For Blocked Drains:

Fat, oil, grease and food particles are the primary things that can get deposited inside the drains with time. You cannot flush out your drains anymore in such cases. Substances such as oil and greases accumulate with solid food particles inside your drains and block your drainage system slowly. Apart from that, hair and soap scum elements can also block your drains, and shop scum can also damage your pipelines. So, care must be taken when any foreign substances are flushed through your drains. You can place a waste bin bag or bucket in your kitchen and bathroom to store the items which are not suitable to be flushed through a drain.

Tips To Clean Your Blocked Drains:  

People always prefer to use baking soda mix with hot water to clean their clogged drains. However, the rigid oil and greases accumulated in the drains can sometimes be stubborn and does not get eliminated even using baking soda. In such cases, you need a plunger to plug out the deposited waste from drains.

Apart from that, you can also try the following steps to clean your blocked drains:

  • Use A Plunger When Required: Before you use any plunger in your drains, you need to use some warm water because warm water helps in diluting the oil and greasy items from your drains effectively. Then you can use the plunger to plug out the deposited garbage from your drain. Remember to never push them toward the drains. Always try to plug them outwardly. Once the drains are clean completely, you need to flush your drain pipes with warm water once again.
  • Wire Hooks: You can use wire hooks to clean your drains where a plunger cannot be inserted. You can also use your coat hanger and use it as a wired hook. Insert the hook in your drain and try to pull out the deposited foreign substances from your drainage system. However, using a wire hook must be made carefully. Try not rotating or push the wire hook inside the drains because it can cause leakage in your pipelines. 
  • Hot Water With Detergent: Greasy and oily substances cannot be removed from the drains easily. You cannot even pull them out from your drains using a plunger. In this case, you can mix washing detergent with some hot water and pour them inside your drains. The hot water will help remove all greasy items from your drains effectively.
  • Salt With Water: Apart from the detergent, you can also boil 2 liters water with one cup of salt and use it inside the drain. This combination also works efficiently in cleaning accumulated oil and grease.

Apart from that, you can also use biological enzyme cleaners to clean your blocked drains. But it is suggested to hire experience drain cleaning professionals to clean your drains completely. This is because the experts know the right way to use such strong chemicals.

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