Lift Chairs - Should you buy one for your elderly?

To care for the elderly involves simplifying their daily activities. While many elderly people face several health challenges, there are times when it becomes hard moving them from place to place.

Most times, we end up moving them to a care facility or hire a live-in care giver to help them out.

However, you may have noticed that getting up from a chair and moving about is one of the most challenging things for the elderly. To help with this situation, many people consider getting lift or recliner chairs to ease them of this challenge.

But, should you get a lift chair for that loved one?

There are things you should consider before making up your mind.

Safety vs. functionality

You may be toying with the idea of getting a lift chair for your loved one if the issue is about back ache or sore knees.

While this may sound like a good idea, you may end up causing them more harm than good. And this is because you may be limiting their ability to move about and get active.

Are there benefits to getting a lift chair for the elderly?

The answer to that is dependent on the issue your elderly one has. If your elderly has knees that pop, crackle, or snap as a result of age, lift chairs will be most beneficial in easing their pain from arthritis and other joint pains. It will also help them to:

  • Prevent avoidable falls,
  • Conserve energy,
  • And reduce the amount of care given by care givers

Recliner chairs or lift chairs that come with zero gravity position will help in wading off swelling after a leg or knee surgery because they elevate the feet and legs above the heart. Fully lift or recliner chairs can serve as a good alternative to using a bed.

Disadvantages of using lift chairs

In as much as lift chairs can be very beneficial to the elderly or anyone having a difficult time getting up from a chair or moving about, it also comes with some disadvantages.

The first and major one is that it will limit the activity level of such a person using the lift or reclining chair. Physical exercise is very important for everyone whether young or old. And although getting physically active in old age is quite challenging, absence of it is more detrimental to health.

Without exercise or physical activity, we tend to notice:

  • Less energy
  • Inability to do much
  • Imbalance when standing or sitting
  • High blood pressure, diabetes and others

What should you do?

At this point, you are probably confused on whether to get a lift chair for your elderly or not. To help clear the confusion, here are things to note:

  • If your elderly can still take the stairs, get out of a chair, walk some distance without aid, then do not get a lift chair yet. All these will help in getting your loved one’s blood running.
  • If on the other hand your elderly is having a hard time getting out of bed or getting up from a chair, he or she will definitely get some relief from a lift chair.
  • If the person is not an elderly person but had been hospitalized or is recovering from surgery, then a recliner or lift chair will be very helpful.

Other issues that may call for a lift chair includes:

  • Arthritis
  • Serious Alzheimer’s disease
  • Advanced dementia
  • Heart failure and risk of stroke
  • Coronary vascular ailment

Once such a person can get back on his or her feet, you may want to set the lift chair aside and allow them get some physical activity.

What to look out for when buying lift chairs

If you have made up your mind to get a lift chair, you will need to look out for the following before getting one:

  • How comfortable is it?
  • Can it be transformed into a bed?
  • Durability
  • Customer experience
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • How safe is the lift chair, etc

You also need to find out the delivery charge and if it is inclusive of installation. Some sellers offer free installation while some don’t. Always ask the relevant questions before settling for a lift chair.

Published by Kate Westall


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