Shark Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Review

Mar 6, 2019, 9:52:05 PM Life and Styles

Euro-Pro is the company behind Shark Vacuum cleaners. Euro-Pro is a well known manufacturer of household appliances, which once included the Shark vacuum line. Shark developed into its own line of vacuums and is now sold under the Shark name. While Euro-Pro still manufactures these vacuums, they are a separate brand on their own. The first view of Shark Vacuum cleaners were on television infomercials. Consumers ordered from the company by phone and the vacuums were delivered to your door. The vacuums have been picked up by department stores since that time and can be purchased in many different stores. The Shark brand transcends its infomercial roots and has become a big selling item in department stores and on television. While the vacuums are still available through infomercials, they are now in some of the most well known stores in the world. The fact that the vacuum has been picked up by these stores is a testament to their quality. Well known retailers are not likely to sell a brand that is less than ideal to their customers.

What separates Shark vacuum cleaners from the rest?

What makes the Shark vacuum different than others on the market are its incredible suction power and reasonable price? Other vacuum cleaners with comparable power sell for much more in the appliance market. This has brought Shark vacuums head and shoulders above the rest as a popular choice among budget minded consumers. The line has uprights, handhelds, stick vacuums and canisters to suit the needs of every home owner.


The technology used by Shark vacuums boasts that a customer will not see a decrease in suction as the vacuum is used, which is a common complaint among vacuum buyers. The Multivac model changes from an upright stick vacuum into a canister vac and then again into a hand held vacuum depending on the needs of the consumer. The powerful vacuum also has brush for upholstery cleaning and never loses suction. This is only one of the models in the line of Shark vacuums.

Strength and Versatility

Other models in the line offer consumers the convenience of an upright with the same never-lose suction technology. Lifetime supply of vacuum belts and a bagless vacuum make the maintenance costs for this line of vacuums very low. The technology used in these vacuums is cyclonic technology that is not original to the Shark vacuums. However, the Shark line of vacuums uses twenty-four cyclones to increase and expand on that technology. There is little doubt that this is one of the strongest vacuums available.


The vacuums are noticeably lightweight allowing for easy use around the home. The Navigator weighs in at only fifteen pounds. The strength of the vacuums comes in their ability to clean hardwood floors and tile. Carpet has presented some problems for these vacuums among some consumers. No vacuum has a perfect reputation among consumers and there is always something that does not meet the challenges that customers have in their home cleaning.

Some consumers have found the design of the filter less than desirable. There have been reports of the filter becoming clogged quickly in areas with large amounts of pet hair. This has caused the vacuum to lose suction power until the filter is cleaned. The filter is cleaned by tapping it against a hard surface such as a trash can according to the manufacturer instructions.

While there are some problems with the vacuums, the price makes them very affordable to more consumers. Many people find the increased suction power and low price worth any flaws in the vacuum design. The full line of vacuums in the Shark line give users the chance to find one that will suit their vacuuming needs.

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Mar 7, 2019, 12:10:16 AM

I am in the market for a new vacuum. Shark is one of the brands I was looking at along with Bissell and Dyson. My current one is really old and tired. Suction is terrible.

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