What Does A DJ Agency Do?

What Does A DJ Agency Do?

Dec 24, 2018, 6:21:02 PM Business

DJ agencies are companies made up of booking agents. Their job is to represent talented DJs from the world of dance music,bringing them profitable opportunities within their industry. A DJ agency hasa dedicate roster, which is a list of talented DJs that they work alongside, arranging gigs on their behalf.

Booking agents spend much of their time within their own agency, contacting DJs, managers and event promoters in order to arrange sets for DJs at nightclubs. DJ agencies can vary in size– there are several larger agencies that are located around the world’s main entertainment hubs (London, LA, NYC), that compete with smaller independent agencies that have more selective rosters. Some agencies focus on particular genres such as house or techno, while some aim to work with artists of all types from different music scenes.

At some DJ agencies, each individual agent has their own personal roster, or a list ofDJs that they work with personally –as artists invariably prefer to have a singular connection with ‘their’ own agent, a professional who consistently represents them across different engagements.Talented DJs invariably lead busy lives, and their occupation is not an easy one - their job is to find tracks, put together sets and perform, not to spend their timespeaking to clubs, booking their next show or arranging the complex tour itinerary. DJAgencies and DJ agents give DJsthe time and space to do what they do best, by obviatingthe responsibility of organising their own live calendar.

DJ agencies vary considerably. Some are focused on established acts, choosing to work with DJs that have been around the block, repeatedly booking them at festivals and venues. Some work exclusively with up-and-coming acts, seeking to find the next big thing or up-and-coming selector. There are agencies that work with musicians and bands too, in addition their DJ roster, as there is significant crossover between the two disciplines. This allows them to generate cross-over in opportunity for their clients, putting together different acts on the same bill when programming line-ups at events and festivals.

Some DJ agencies like London’s MN2S offer more services to their clients than just bookings. These multi-faceted agencies provide a comprehensive range of services that complement their foundational business model and give their clients the chance to benefit in a variety of ways. These services include providing assistance to DJs, artists and record labels with social media management, PR, music publishing and distribution, licensing, sync, and rights management. Multi-faceted agencies have significant experience and expertise that transcends singular disciplines, spanning multiple avenues within the music industry. This helps them to respond quickly to new trends and developments when they appear. The music world is diverse and ever-changing, and agencies that encompass PR, social media, label management, and distribution are better able to identify significant developments as they happen, enabling them to operate from a more informed perspective. The subsequent connections and crossover between these types of areas help agencies to identify further opportunities for all parties.

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